Rural India Vs Digital India

I am a city girl; currently in Bangalore, India. It’s been more than 9 years, I left my birthplace which is a small town of Bihar, India; and has a ~1/10th population of Bangalore, India. I come here twice a year since my parents stay here. This place has become a holiday destination for me, and I can’t stay more than 2 weeks. Here, I feel the essence of rural India. Now, I will take you to rural India.

I looked into the statistics of Indian population and it says ~67% of the population lives in rural area, with the lack of transportation, electricity, infrastructure and many basic things which are necessary for survival, are not easily accessible. Our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, always talks about the “Digital India”. Do you know just ~31% people have internet access in India and also, ~60% in Urban area and just ~17% in the rural area? The report points out that 77% of urban users and 92% of rural users consider mobile as the primary device for accessing the Internet. In such condition, for whom are we making digital India? We are just focusing on the maximum of 30% population. It feels like using the 4G sim in the basic phone. We talk about digital India which is not reachable for most of the population.

When I look around in the urban world. I feel like, it has changed with the recommendable speed but not in rural areas. In last 10 years, I moved to 4G from 2G and my mom’s life is still slow as Ekta Kapoor’s serials. She is happy with the unprogressive SaaS-Bahu serials. I wonder, how life changes just after few miles from the city!

My lots of friends moved from small town to the city across the globe. Can we do something to make rural India into Digital India or better India?

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