A Couple of Enemies: Scouts and Armour

Ship Rogue-Like (SRL) is an open-world space explorer where a player pilots a ship, escaping the Empire. In fact, the goal is to disable, or hamper the Empire. We have been hard at work on SAM and Charlie, and have also developed a couple of first enemies! Of course, as the galaxy is procedurally generated, details like weapons used, colours, speed, and even behaviour may change upon every play! Both of these are scouts for the Empire:

Scout ship encountered early on

A Scout might be encountered early on, and does not have much in terms of armament. When defeated, basic materials like metal and simple blasters can be recovered. The major risk with scouts is that they may receive damage, and then escape to alert the Empire.

Armoured Scout

Scouts will have variable amounts of armour, and at the extreme, these foes are heavy, slow, and resist energy weapons readily. It takes either precise aim or persistence to take one of these enemies down early in gameplay.

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