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Washington was 4–6 and 2–5 in conference last season before beating Oregon St, Wash. St (without Kevin Falk), and So Miss in a minor bowl game in order to reach 7–6. You knew that before writing this article, right? You pin a lot on the fact that they play USC and Stanford at home, where they lost last year to Cal, Oregon, and Utah. The win @ USC was a game lost by USC, not the other way around. They don’t play WSU at home this year, they play in Pullman in late Nov. Never fun. And Peyton Bender (Who? Right) will likely not be the starting QB, it will be Kevin Falk who will be leading the nation in passing at that point. And their only conference road win last year other than USC was @ Or.St., worst team in the league. Pedersen, great coach BUT, at Boise St. he had to really only prepare to play 3–4 games a year, maybe one of which was a tough road game. This year they play @ Arizona, after getting beat @ ASU by a bad ASU team last year. They play @ Oregon — when was the last time they beat Oregon? They play @ Utah — one of the toughest Pac 12 road trips now. Finally @ Cal and @ WSU.

Seasons when Pac 12 teams have 5 conference road games are not seasons when teams have breakouts and suddenly over-perform their previous year.

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