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Judicial Board inquires into AUSG President

According to Jon Shapiro, the Chief Justice of the AUSG Judicial Board, an advisory board inquiry concerning AUSG President Devontae Torriente is currently underway.

An advisory board inquiry occurs to answer a question asked by a member of the AU student community. In this case, the question is if President Torriente was within his power to ask Secretary Faith Rokowski to resign. Due to the fact that it is an advisory board inquiry, the Judicial Board can only answer the question, and cannot impose any sanctions on President Torriente based on that answer.

According to Shapiro, a decision is expected to come in the next day or so.

The inquiry was likely due to the concerns of multiple anonymous AUSG sources that members of the AUSG Executive Board forced Secretary Rokowski to step down from her position. According to an article by The Eagle, Rokowski believed that “professional disagreements” with other members of the AUSG Executive Board contributed to her resignation.

A close friend of the Judicial Board expressed concern over the unlikeliness that Secretary Rokowski worked so hard to get elected, only to then resign at the end of the summer.


Shira Stein founded The Bottom Line to uncover the truth where other American University news organizations have not.

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