Choosing the Right Motorbike for Yourself

So you have figured out how to ride a bike, are quite proficient at it now and have gotten your license and insurance in place. Now all you need to do is look for a motorbike to test out your new skills. Problem is, which one? If you have had at least some exposure to bikes before, you may be a little wiser than someone who has not, but that does not mean you could know it all. Unless of course you are a professional motorbike racer or something of the sort. Choosing the right motorbike is actually a major decision-making process, mainly because you want to ensure safety above all else. Motorbike riders are normally more at risk than others on the road. Here are a few useful tips to guide you.

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Know Your Purpose

When you buy a car for instance, you look at several factors. For starters, whether you need it solely for yourself, or for use as a family vehicle. You then know what your purpose is, and can appropriately shortlist the options that are affordable to you under the relevant category. The same applies for motorbikes. What is your purpose? Are you planning to use it for adventure sports at all? Maybe racing? Or are you looking for something just to get about more conveniently? Some prefer to opt for bikes over cars because they are so much easier to deal with, so maybe you want to use one on a very basic level? Whatever the purpose, decide on this first and then go from there.

Know What You Can Afford

Not just in terms of the cost of the bike, but also how much you will have to incur in terms of insurance and maintenance down the line. Though you may be immediately attracted to muscly motorbikes that are able to thunder down the streets like the HarleyDavidson street 500, be mindful that insurance could be high on them because for one thing, they are luxury bikes and for another, their nature of use makes them susceptible to damage. Plus, assuming you buy the motorbike on a loan, you will have that repayment to worry about too, so think about it from every side.

Look At All Options

There is nothing that day you must go for a second-hand bike or you must go for a brand new bike. You basically go for the bike that you can afford, fits your purpose, and you like at the end of the day. That is all there is to it. There is no need to create unnecessary confusion of any kind. Looking at all the options, both used and brand new though, is a smart move. Buddy up with someone who knows a thing or two about the vehicle when shopping around. You will be able to reduce a great deal of stress and save time, effort and money too.


Speed and style are all very well and factors that count yes, but they are by no means as important as safety. In fact, safety is what you should be looking at before anything else. Motorbikes are, as mentioned above, more dangerous than any other mode of transport so do not take this lightly at all. If the motorbike does not seem to be very safe, then move on and look for one that is. Your life is more precious than the latest style.

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