Hi Shirad! My name is Bill Kratzer, i am the CTO of BioHiTech.
Bill Kratzer

Hello Bill,

It is a pleasure connecting with you.

Our dear friend TLS over HTTP is so reliable and indispensable :-)

Security is a high concern in IoT.

Good to know you are secured this way.

With OutSystems 10, you could do more than just building secured mobile, tablet, and web applications. It has native integration, offline synchronization, local storage, and network availability detection … etc. Plus all the UI/UX/Integration goodies.

We will talk about this soon, and how it relates to IoT. The goal is to show you how easy, fast, and agile is to build and transform apps with OutSystems relating to IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Statistics, Predictions, with intuitive real-time dashboards using data collected and analyzed from ‘Things’.

Currently, you can check out OutSystems 9. You will get a ‘Personal’ environment on the cloud and the tools needed to develop with OutSystems.

Oh, and the ‘Personal’ environment is free ;-)!

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