Hi Shirad,
Benji Lampel

Thank you for sharing your excitement :-)

Based on the article, connectivity is a crucial pillar of IoT.

When considering this, it is important to think about the IoT environment and use cases:

If it is in an Intranet (Intranet of Things), WiFi is a one good option. When it is over the Internet, 4G and WiFi are both used … etc.

Nevertheless, depending on the use case, cost, material, and other factors, it is possible to have a network of embedded systems communicating via BlueTooth, ZigBee, RFID, Radio transmission… etc. They collect/share data, filter it, process it, analyze it, and transform it locally, then publish it to the cloud through an IoT gateway (or themselves if they have dual connectivity, one dedicated internally and one for the cloud) where advanced/smart analysis (ML, AI, Prediction) are being processed.

A good example of an IoT gateway is an On-Premise OutSystems deployment that captures data from all embedded systems, and run those advanced analysis. And then synchronizes data with the cloud. That would be the case when you have geographically distributed IoT installations, each operating locally and then synchronizing data with the cloud.

To talk about this, we will need to discuss the IoT Architecture.

These topics will surely be included in our next articles.

Stay tuned :-)

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