Why shouldn’t my title be in ALL CAPS?

When you ask your web designer to create a website for you, and tell them to put the title in all caps, why do you feel like there is always some resistance? You know your business, you know your clients. Why can’t your web designer get that? After all you are paying them to do what you like right?

‘I’m the client, I’m paying, you need to do exactly what I want regardless of your experience…’

Well let me start off like this. When you go to the doctor, and he tells you that you have a cold, do you then go and tell him you don’t have a cold you have chicken pox?

Your web designer, (hopefully if you have hired one with good UX (user experience) skills) does actually have a reason for refusing your request.

What’s a website for anyway?

Let’s backtrack for a minute. Why do you need a website? What exactly are you trying to accomplish by building a website? I’m positive it’s not just to burn a few thousand dollars and get white hairs from the stress of it just for fun!

Usually people want a website so that other people (hopefully future clients!) will get the information they need and want, and will decide to buy from you or use your service.

That being said, other people actually have to want to read and look at your website.

The reasoning behind the decision…

So thats the science behind not creating a title in all caps, which is just the tip of the iceberg for all UX decisions your talented web designer will make.

Think about it, what’s easier to read?



Or this:

Instant Savings now on! Shop >

Maybe the first one looked more catchy? But there’s no benefit to sticking a message in someone’s face. If you go to a restaurant you don’t want the waiter pushing their chefs special in your face and right under your nose. You’d be like, wow back off…

That’s essentially what ALL CAPS does. It leaves a customer that unpleasant feeling of wow your desperate, back off. While a professional looking, short sweet, well written, and to the point message gives someone the feeling of respect, and interest.

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