With the recent accelerated shift to more distributed workforces, organizations have come to the realization that they require effective employee experience insights to navigate the new workplace challenges. Surveys show that 66% of remote employees experience difficulty with loneliness, work-life balance, and collaboration.

For managers, this shift to remote work…

Co-authored with Dr. Billy Vaughn.

Leaders and human resources managers are coping with the scale and impact of COVID-19 on the workplace. They are reminded of how precious life is and the significance of safeguarding employees’ health. …

One of the most exciting prospects for a startup founder is creating a company from the ground up. Building a team and creating a strong culture that echoes the values of your brand has its own rewards. …

Shiran Yaroslavsky

CEO of Cassiopeia. Empowering leaders to foster an inclusive company culture by using communication analytics. A product leader and a lawyer. Forbes 30Under30.

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