Why You May Need To Apply For Birth Certificate?

The importance of certified copy of birth certificate has increased significantly in the last few years. It is no longer a mandatory document for applying a new passport or renewing your old passport, it is also essential in some states for driver’s license.

Apply Online for Birth Certificate

With the option to order online birth certificates, there is no longer any need to worry about waiting in queues or writing to your state’s Vital Records office. You can now apply for your own or a family member’s birth certificate from the comfort of your home without wasting your time and sweat.

Besides its need for passport applications, birth certificates are now increasingly required by states as part of their identity check systems. In fact, you cannot apply for a driver’s license in many states without having your birth certificate’s certified copy.

  • You will require your child’s birth certificate when applying for registration in school. Most schools require it for both identity and age proof.
  • Even when you have to apply for or replace social security card, you will need your birth certificate.
  • Many times it is also required for registering to vote.
  • Some athletic programs also require the certificate for you to enroll into.
  • Birth certificate is also required for anyone who works in the military.
  • An increasing number of employers also seek a certificate to ensure that they are hiring only U.S. citizens (to avoid any penalties).

Delays in Application

The traditional method for getting your birth certificate is to apply directly with the Vital Records office of the state where you were born. But most of the time you will end up getting stuck in the bottleneck where you will be required to furnish other documents or there are other delays due to too many applications.

You will be required to apply directly at the office or you may also apply online. However, the latter method requires you to prove your identity in the first place. Postage can further delay the process.

A relatively simple method is to order online birth certificates fast. The process is online and saves you lots of time. It also eliminates the need for dealing directly with a relatively slower system. You could also apply for someone else within your family, such as your child, parent, spouse or sibling. This method will not only help you save time, it will also make the process easier.


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