What is the American Dream?

If you have a dream, don’t chase it, live it!

The American Dream to many is quite simple and clear, it is to live a life you desire. The idea of the American Dream is in being a sole believer and accomplishing through hardship in life. It is to enrich people with better education, successful careers and open doors to everyone with opportunities regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. In a country like America, there is so much diversity, yet no hate involved. Each individual can aspire to achieve bigger and better things in life. The USA is known as “the land of opportunities”, in terms of education, career and lifestyle of one’s desire. To live big and fancy and have almost anything has become one’s American Dream. The term, “the American Dream”, to me means, unity. There are endless possibilities and a person can earn a good living by doing their job right. Not just being wealthy makes a good living. The truth of the American Dream is to live happy, healthy and wealthy. As per some people, many Americans believe that having fame is their American Dream. To have power, money, the love of your life beside you and to lead a luxurious lifestyle is every man’s dream. Basically, to have it all is the real deal. Well, not all is fair or bad in life, the ups and downs are our companion towards accomplishing our American Dream. How ambitious can one become to achieve their dreams? The matter of truth is how prepared one is to handle obstacles and overcome to live their American Dream.