Taarof تعارف

I don’t think if there’s anywhere in Iran where people do not have
‘’Taarof’’ with each other. The question is what does Taarof exactly mean?

Well….In Europe people are very direct(compared to Iranians and Middle
easterns).In Iran people are not very direct. Taroof is a type of language that only Iranians or those who are familiar with Iranian culture can comprehend it and this type of language is very strange for other people with other cultures. As an example: In Europe if you ask a friend: would you like me to pay your Lunch bill?
He/she will directly say yes(which is a pity! :D) and if not, will say no!
In Iran it’s a custom between Iranians to offer each other(what they really
heartly don’t wanna do)but friendly do it for you :)..just like what I mentioned above for example if u go to a restaurant with an Iranian and he/she tells you: Let me pay your bill It’s a friendly offer(like politeness, respect)which really doesn’t mean that he wanna pay your bill always! That person is actually respecting you. You might tell yourself they are not responsible for my food bill! Anyway it’s a friendly custom which puts value in your relationship.
Actually nowadays young generation is not like that anymore. The young generation has totally different opinions.

When I studied in Iran, one day our law teacher explained one of his stories of his travel to Europe, he said:
‘’I had business visa to a European country it was for a contract, one day after our negotiation with our your European colleagues, we decided to go to a restaurant.. after eating lunch and a warm friendly gap at the end I asked my European colleagues: Shall I pay your bills? They became very happy and said: yes of course, if u wanna pay, pay! We’ll wait for you outside! I had to pay 120 euros which made me not buy any food anymore after that.so I realized that Taarof is such as stupid attitude between us, Iranians!
Why should we offer people if it is not really from our hearts? ‘’ Taarof can be friendly when it comes from your heart, not just because it’s a tradition.!’’

Taroof is a tool used by Iranians to express their kindness and show respect to each other.

Doctor Mohamad javad Zarif (The iranian Minister of foreign Affairs) taroffing.

Taroof is good but not too much and being direct is good but not too much
So everything should be in the middle and from heart . ❤

Thank you for reading my blog :)