The Ancient Tunnel

Have you ever experienced journeys to Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, India or Persia!?
What???Persia???Iran????Nooooo wayyy !!

the first question that immediately popped into your mind is: Who goes to Iran(hahaha)?

You have never heard anything interesting about Iran! Of course not! Because Iran is always heard about as being a Monster country with a bunch of people walking around with knives in their hands(like Zombies!) and shouting for more Nuclear weapons!(so untrueee!)

So let’s just have a short look at the History, culture, Hospitality and tourism in Iran in order to see, if Iran can be a tourist destination? Or not?…! 

Why is Iran also called Persia?
Persia is the other name of Iran the Persian empire consists of any of a series of imperial dynasties in the centre of Persia. The first series was The Achaemenid Empire set up by Cyrus the great in 550 bc.

Who was Cyrus the great?

Known as ‘’The father’’ by Iranians , ‘’Cyrus the Elder’’ by the Greeks and ‘’The liberator’’ by Babylonians.

1- Cyrus founded the first world empire and the second Iranian hierarchical empire by uniting two Iranian tribes(The Medes and Persians.)

2- He showed great patience and respect towards the religious and cultural traditions of other races. Such as: Cyrus the great always pointed not to make fun of people who worship cows &animals(as their Gods) every person is free to worship and believe in anything.

3- contrary to other kings, when Cyrus and his army attacked, they never set anywhere on fire, they did not take away the property of others and never hurt women and children.

4- in every war that Iranians have defeated enemies, Cyrus treated the kings of those regions warmly and never killed them or arrested them in jails, on the other hand, he gave them responsibilities such as rulers and observers of miscellaneous areas.

5- Cyrus attacked other regions not to expand his territory, but to set the people who were subjects of cruel kings and unfair kingdoms free.

6- Cyrus also commanded to make a charter( Cyrus cylinder)which describes all the rules about humanity.

Iran had 10 Dynasties the first one was founded in Shiraz (the most important tourist city).


Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, wine and flowers. Shiraz has many gardens and fruit trees(gardens are a part of the Iranian culture)it is considered by Iranians to be the city of gardens. Eram garden is one of the oldest gardens of shiraz.


Ancient Persia is known as the first wine-making civilization(because of its super perfect grapes!) however nowadays because of the strict Islamic regime wine cannot be used.!

Many famous Iranian poets such as: Hafiz & Saadi were born in Shiraz that’s why Shiraz is known as the city of poems & poets.
‘’Hafiz, was a Persian poet who lauded the joy of love & wine but also targeted religious hypocrisy’’
‘’ Saadi of Shiraz, was one of the major Persian poets and literary men of the medieval period.’’

Why do you have to go to Shiraz?
Shirazi People are known as the most hospitable people in Iran.  (however all Iranians are hospitable!)

If you go to Shiraz you won’t feel alone or just a lonely backpacker who wants to finish visiting everywhere! Shirazi people will welcome you in a very friendly hospitable way that you will feel you’re at home!.
They will invite you for lunch/dinner at home(without even knowing you!).don’t refuse to go because their hospitality is unique & they’ll be very sad! 
You’ll be served different types of Iranian foods(specially local shirazi foods with traditional ice-cream, called’’Faloode’’)
Shirazi people always keep smiling, they love foreigners so much because they know them as their guests in their house and guests in Iran are heartly welcome. 

Shiraz-Iran-Nasir-ol-Molk mosque

I was thinking to myself that everybody likes to look at beautiful things and enjoy what they are.. for example guys like to stare at beautiful girls for hours and hours and enjoy their beauty. The whole Iran is like a girl that you won’t be tired of looking at but you’ll get tired of staying with! ;) (because of the hardship of life quality)
Shiraz is known as ‘’The Persian bride’’.

Shiraz’s transportation and infrastructure are also super perfect(not as super cool as Netherlands or west Europe!) once upon a time I remember I was talking to a friend from Poland and he asked me:
‘’Do you use Mules and camels for travelling and going to work?’’
Just a second I felt the whole world was moving around my head! What the hell man!!??? Of course we have transportation! We might not have scheduled train plans like 9292! anyway…
Get in Shiraz by:

Shiraz International Airport has regular flights to all major and some smaller cities in Iran. There are international flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Doha.

Shiraz is well connected to most parts of the country by bus.

I know A teacher in our university( our Spanish teacher, Peter) who has been to Iran (6 times) by his car I mean from Netherlands to Iran by car! He has been to most cities by car!(which means we don’t ride mules and camels on sandy deserts!)…So don’t worry!
You can also travel to shiraz by train.

A road in Shiraz

So that was it all about Iran & Shiraz…however if I'm gonna talk about Shiraz it’s gonna take 500 pages(at least :D)….Give it a to Iran, don’t be scared!

Our world is beautiful and it can even be more beautiful when we share love together.!

Thanks for reading this blog…I love you all! :)