The Game of Evolution

I wish the world could be full of benevolent humans instead of smart fools.
Change is the soul of Evolution. Evolution to survive. Survival for which every organism struggles. Evolution indirectly causes to each organism the "worldly smartness". The worldly smartness which is less needed in the world today as compared to the humanity. The worldly smartness that makes a human extravagantly rich and another absolutely poor.The smartness that causes numerous wars.The smartness that captivates the freedom.The smartness of nuclear weapons and what not. Now one would would say " Smartness has also caused so much development of the human race.Our life’s have become so much easy and comfortable." I absolutely disagree with the sentences and let me correct and explain them. Development of human race is not when the weaker are criticised and tortured. Its only the life’s of the rich, smart and even with some money , who have become comfortable while for the poors these all are dreams.Infact , the poors suffer because of the worldly smart people. For eg : the poors are suffering to a greater extent from the tremendous increase in temperature due to global warming which to an extent is caused by the CFC’s of rich’s luxury. I believe at the period of our prime ancestors all beings were happy for most of the time as they had no rich no poor , no black no white, no hindu no muslim...all they had was Humans...ofcourse I don’t know what they used to call each other but they definitely didn’t had any differences, because they were not worldly smart.
Evolution creates Smartness and to guide this smartness came Religion. The religion with the motive to see all as same, to spread and maintain benevolence which no doubt our prime ancestors had. But unfortunately the Evolution has won, the worldly smartness has won and the humanity has lost

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