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Unconfirmed tidbits about COVID-19 easily spread confusion and panic at a time when information is in short supply. The way we precisely convey facts is extremely crucial. How do we ensure we are getting the correct information?

Several journalism outlets and science forums have released guides on how to combat misinformation surrounding COVID-19. Here are some resources:

While Fact-Checking…

When collecting information, make sure it’s not from these sites. NewsGuard compiled a series of Nutrition Labels for more than 100 sources publishing false information about the virus in the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany.

The International Fact-Checking Network run by Poynter…

Remember when Cheryl Strayed in Wild went on a solo trip and didn’t acknowledge how Whiteness had a lot to do with her success? Remember that? Well, going outdoors alone for 3 months isn’t the only way to earn your nature-lovers badge… This episode is about paradigm shifts — how can we change the conversation about outdoor recreation, in a way that recognizes how people from a multitude of backgrounds engage with the outdoors? In this episode, we talk to environmentalists who don’t like hummus, environmentalists who fight for justice, and families who love camping. …

More than half of outdoor enthusiasts today make over $75,000 per year. Episode two is about how storytelling is nice, but we need the monies to get to the park itself. I talk to Kay Wang, of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area Outreach team, and take a trip to the John Muir Woods myself.

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Ep 2: Replace

January 26, 2018

I’m standing in John Muir Woods, a forest of redwood trees that lies just north of the city of San Francisco. There’s a lot to see here: the trees are over a hundred feet tall, and you…

Alcatraz, a site of conflict between the National Park Services and Indigenous People.

The history of the land in the United States is one of ERASURE; of the genocide of indigenous people, and of the legacies of people of color using, nourishing and shaping the environment. I’ll trace how that forced absence leads to a lack of “diversity” in parks today. Why are only white people (check out the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense fund) the most visible experts and stewards of nature? What stories are we telling about people of color in our parks? The experience of nature is far from neutral.

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January 26, 2018


Observations on Localization and Fast Food in Solon, IA

One of my first anthropology papers, written in 2015.

A Dairy Queen franchise in Solon, Iowa

“While Dairy Queen nationally recognizes ice cream as their staple food, according to Josie, the most popular item on the menu here is the local tenderloin.”

It’s a quiet morning in Iowa, and I’m making my way to Solon, Iowa, a town just north of where I live in Iowa City. There is a Dairy Queen off highway one: a single lane road that runs from the more urban parts of the region into the vast, flat, and wintery territories, grooved by…

I look at him dozing

and wonder

when did he rest his ear on my hand?

when did my arm

become his no-cost neck cradle

his eyelid pulses gently against my pinky.

ClassPass came through.

just no

Hong Kong joined the ClassPass platform earlier this fall and I took up a free month-long trial. The app allows you to enroll in any class on their database using credits you buy with a subscription. I would browse through nearby classes when boredom struck. I got really excited about getting an inside look at studios, teachers, Hong Kongers and had a burgeoning curiosity about the different ways people taught and practiced yoga. Mostly, however, it was excellent people-watching.

Using the app for over a week brought me to 10 different studios around the city, each with…

Siri, what is ‘Solipsism?’

Writer Gertrude Stein and companion/’wife’ Alice B. Toklas, plus dog

The other day I learned about the word ‘solipsistic” and its meaning. It is negatively-connoted and describes people who think their mind is the only one that exists. I texted my friend are writers innately solipsistic? alongside the chin-stroking emoji, to which he replied are writers innately the type to ask whether writers are innately solipsistic? Gah. No answer, also.

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, is akin to a solipsism manifesto. ‘Autobiography’ is misleading — the novel was written in 1933 by Gertrude Stein, the real-life boss of real-life personal assistant/companion Alice B Toklas. Stein…


By Max Ritvo

My genes are in mice, and not in the banal way
that Man’s old genes are in the Beasts.

My doctors split my tumors up and scattered them
into the bones of twelve mice. We give

the mice poisons I might, in the future, want
for myself. We watch each mouse like a crystal ball.

I wish it was perfect, but sometimes the death we see
doesn’t happen when we try it again in my body.

My tumors are old, older than mice can be. …

Life’s Weight

By Stephanos Stephanides

How much does life weigh?

Sometimes as heavy

As the moment you dropped

Your mother’s body into the soil

Heavier than that last stony kiss

Before you close her eyes forever

And you bury memory’s burden

When you rehearse life’s habits

And a voice commands you

Wash the mud off the watermelon skin

Before you slice it

Lay out the tomatoes ripe bottom side up

Throw the greens into the water only after it boils

You remember that someone told you once that all mothers are crazy

And nothing is without solution

If children must…

Shirley Wang

word vom!

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