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Think what you will. Putin has had many, many people murdered. He is a murderer, pure and simple. To think he isn’t, is to delude yourself. He’s also stolen a huge chunk of Ukraine which he’s decided belongs to Russia — one of the best parts, of course. Good to know Russians aren’t phobic about blacks. Those I’ve known are. But, of course, I don’t claim to know how all Russians think. Those I know here also think Trump is a good guy. The only reason I can imagine, is that Russians have become so used to dictators from the Czars to present day “leaders”. Trump is a dictator like Putin, Franco, etc., etc. If Putin is such a fine leader, I wonder why so many Russians migrated to this country? Maybe so they could flee the wretched conditions of their country? People don’t usually leave “home” unless there’s a compelling reason.

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