A Look Beneath the Blue

Thanks for sharing this story.

I must be honest, I am a black wife/mom with an amazing husband and son. After watching the evening news every night I begin to live in fear of the police, fear for my son and my husband lives. I view officers a robots, who just wanted to harass citizens and kill black men until September 2017 happened in Charlotte with the death of Keith Lamar Scott. My neighbor a white male a police officer who worked and overnight shift of the protest had returned home and I saw his patrol car outside of his home. My neighbor and I have never had much of a hi and bye hand wave for the last 3 years or so. This day I knocked on his door to see if he or his wife needed anything after watching the protest on the news. His wife answered the door and the look of worry and concern on her face was spoke volume. I started by saying I am neighbor down the street and I wanted to know if you guys needed anything. We engaged each other with eye contact and immediate one mom/wife to another we hugged. No words exchanged… just a heart connection. That day I realized the fear I have for my son and husband is the same fear this wife has for her husband each day he goes out to work.

From that moment forwarded, empathy kicked and a desire to invoke change became my mission. I will be graduating from the CMPD Police Citizen Academy in a weeks and I am thankful for my life changing situation in Sept 2017.

I love this idea Beyond the Badge.