How Facebook Memory Saved Me From Returning To Corporate America!

Ahhh…. there’s nothing like a good ol’ Facebook Memory to help remind you that on February 11, 2013, you were one Xanax away from having a nervous breakdown. Or, how about on June 12, 2015, when you posted a subliminal relationship meme, inspired by a jerk who stopped answering your text messages? Hey, I bet you received tons of the likes from people who could relate.

For me, it’s not even the mundane Facebook Memories of me saying things like, “Going to the Post Office,” dated sometime in 2009, that make me cringe (New me to old me, “Who the fuck cares?”). It’s the status memories of my time in Corporate America that give me palpitations.

A couple of months, I got let go from my senior copywriter position due “Restructuring.” I think I took the news exceptionally well considering that I was blindsided, and had nothing to fall back on. One month into my role, I knew I wasn’t a good fit and that my time in Corporate America was nearing its end! You see, I’m Trans Trust Fund Baby, so in my head, my days should be filled with shopping, Pilates, Jumbo Juice and of course no work. In all seriousness, my plan was to stack up enough money to try my hands at freelancing writing full-time. Oh, how I wished to be typing away on my laptop, on some exotic beach in the Maldives.

Well, the universe had other plans. I got laid off before my “Master Plan” came to fruition. The first few weeks of independence, I “daily affirmations” the heck out of my goals. I was motivated. I was inspired. There was no way in hell I was returning to the cubicle life and its self-imposed pot lucks and scathing emails from coworkers who cc everyone, including Bob from Accounting.

But, any newbie freelancer knows, that some months you eat lobsters and other months you eat Ramen noodles. When the pendulum swung in the direction of brokenness, I hit with such fiery.

Pause! What happened to those exotic beaches, pina colados dreams I had? And then it happened. One day I woke to a Facebook Memory notification. Apparently, I was livid about something regarding work. It doesn’t stop there. Day after day, I was getting notifications of Facebook Memories where I just had enough with corporate life.

When reading those memories, I used to think to myself, “Damn, I was one miserable individual at those jobs.” Believe it or not, those Facebook Memories saved me from making my way back to Corporate America. Why would I return to the scene of the crime?

Look, I’m not saying being an entrepreneur is easy or financially rewarding right out the gate. It takes time, consistency and doing the grunt work so that you can live the life that you always intended.

Now instead of complaining about my Facebook Memories, I welcome them. I want to see how far I’ve come and celebrate what I’ve left behind.

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