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Does it matter to his most faithful Trump followers. It will have to hit them in the head, and actually see how they WILL LOSE on their very health care and livelihood! Remember this FACT! Republicans have HATED any social programs, welfare programs. 1936 Social Security! Unemployment Benefits!

1965 Medicare! Medicaid! ALL 4 TAX PAID. Remember the 1929 Great Depression happened under Republicans. 2007 housing bubble that led to the Banks, & 2008 WORST RECESSION was again under Republicans.

The GOP health care Bill gives the well off/rich a 274 BILLION TAX CUTS!

the 98% lose………… THE STATES REPUBLICAN MAINLY are the people that have NOT MEDICAID EXPANSION! THE VERY PEOPLE that Voted for TRUMP, THE LOSERS! **** FIRST YOU have to be DENIED YOUR HEALTH CARE, YOUR LIVELHOOLD before YOU see the daylight and are screwed out of what he stated he would do for YOU.!!!!!

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