5 Ways Decluttering Can Change Your Life
Thrive Global

Tess, I do hope you are right. After three years in a brand new townhouse I could no longer stand the uneven squeaky floors, so I had them ripped up. Then my real journey began. I am in week three, with splinters underfoot, waiting for the second company to finish the job. All of my furniture is in the garage, except for those boxes and cushions and ironing and ….. which are hemming me in in my bedroom. I am stressed to the eyeballs but I tell myself “This too shall pass!” I have determined to be very, very mindful of what I allow back into my space, recognising that much of it came with me from a major downsize, and is unnecessary. Uncluttering my bedroom right now would be a gift, as would being able to cook in my kitchen. Your article today is a godsend.