I Never Spoke to a Black Man Until I Went to Mizzou
Jeff Huffman

Color is something we learn to accept culturally and socially and it becomes like water to a fish. They live in it but never question it. My racial background is mixed and we grew up with 5 different religions under one roof. Each sibling found solace in beliefs that suited them. Then again this was never somethng we questioned, being at peace with ourselves was more important than the religious choice per se. Color is not something I generally see, black, white or brown, only because color is an integral part of my world. I never define myself by the color of my skin, or my race nor am I conscoius that I have a diffrent skin color. I am, that’s it. So I read your article with curiosity and compassion for people who have never had to live and learn from diversity. In a way, your country town, from my point of view, is also a kind of diversity. I find it wonderful that you have the foresight to step outside of your cultural paradigms to look at it from afar and understand what defines the person you are today. Thank you for sharing.