Why I look up to Michelle Obama.

Writer, lawyer, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law school, a Vice President of a hospital, and a former First Lady.

Michelle Obama has always empowered me as a hard-working, empathetic, and wise woman. She shares her vulnerabilities in order to empower those who are hesitant to chase their dreams, those who are afraid to fail, and those who are steps away from being the most excellent versions of themselves.

Michelle is a role model for women and girls across the world, and is an active advocate for poverty awareness and healthy eating.

Here are some of my favourite quotes of hers:

“Do not be afraid to fail. Because oftentimes is the thing that keeps girls back. And the only way you learn is by failing.

It’s not the failure, it’s what you do after you fail. Do you quit, do you give up, or does it serve as the challenge in your mind to do more, to take some risks, to step outside of your comfort zone?”

“When they go low, I go high. That’s the choice Barack and I have made. We chose excellence. We chose to strive for excellence in everything we do.

We give 120% every single time, because excellence is most powerful thing you can do for yourself.”

“If you do not take control of your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. If you don’t prioritize yourself, you will fall lower and lower on your list.”

“We underestimate ourselves. But I’m pretty smart. I work pretty hard. I’m good at what I do. I have really good instincts. I have great ideas. And I can execute.

And I say that out loud, because we as women don’t pat ourselves on the back. We are always deferring. I want young girls out there to understand that what’s in your brain is really powerful. Do not hide it, don’t apologize for it. Just put it on the table. Let people deal with it.”

  • I knew what my time and energy was worth. I’m not gonna sell myself short. I’m not gonna be taken advantage of.”




A high school senior discovering herself through the process of writing. Based in Vancouver, BC.

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Shirley Wu

Shirley Wu

A high school senior discovering herself through the process of writing. Based in Vancouver, BC.

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