RIP Exploratory Draft

Shirley Zhong

Writing 39B

Jasmine Lee

22 August 2015

RIP Exploratory Draft

In today’s society, fashion apparel retail and cosmetics have become a major part of of the growing economy, and the main consumers targeted are usually teenagers. Whether it is for entertainment or pleasure, teenage females particularly, make up the biggest portion of these teenage consumers. More and more companies target the female crowd with a plethora of clothing, accessory and makeup items, but with so many items available, it is difficult to know what brands to try or where to begin looking. To make this search for the right items somewhat less complicated, there have been an increase in “shopping haul” videos people create that sort of serve as reviews or guides to buying the right product. Inspired by seeing these works from popular youtube fashion gurus, I plan creating work similar to theirs, targeting the teenage/young adult female crowd. By creating a clothing shopping haul video, I intend to utilize teenagers’ usage of popular social media site, Youtube, to educate, guide, and inspire teenage/ young women to become more knowledgeable of fashion trends and how to get the most out of their dollar while shopping.

Throughout the video, I will be speaking casually, and avoiding speaking in too formal of a manner so that my audience can develop a sense of familiarity, as if they were listening to me in a casual conversation, like speaking to a friend. It is important to develop a connection with the audience because you want them to view something in your perspective and get the most out of your message. I definitely do not want to make my audience feel uncomfortable in any type of way. Also, for the video I am making, I am only assuming the interest of most teenage girls, not all because I am sure there are people with other interest and have no intentions of offending anyone. Whatever I say in the video, would be my opinion of what I feel are the latest trends, not facts, so everyone has a say in what they feel is trending. It is important to respect the audience, so I will mention that throughout the video.

While creating this shopping haul video, I accounted for an average teenage girls’ values and interests in shopping so that they would be able to find interest in watching it. A trending type of video, would be a shopping haul video. A haul video is a video recording, posted to the Internet,which displays items recently purchased, including product details or even the price and has been a growing trend, during 2007–2010 (Haul Video). Due to an increase in the amount of these videos, plenty of female teenagers are aware that they exist and would be able to have access to them. They are useful, because they target the audience with intentions of informing them about products consumers take interest in. In Vogue’s article “8 Youtube Stars Who Are Taking Over the World”, included in the list are Bethany Mota and Zoella, people that create shopping haul videos (Casparis). This demonstrates that haul videos are indeed very popular if they are a big part in Youtube videos and I take that into account. Similar to how most people make their shopping haul videos, I am going to purchase a few pieces of clothing, then showcase them in my video, while providing commentary.I will utilize this method of giving advice to my audience because since it is a popular form of informing consumers about various products, I would be able to accomplish my goal more efficiently.

After reading various articles and based on personal experience, since I fit into the category of my intended audience, I felt that clothing would be most suitable for my shopping haul video.The Teen Market Profile, by the Magazine Publishers of America, show that clothing is the number one purchased item in terms of teen consumer habits (Woolman). Teenagers spend their money on a variety of items, but since clothing is at the top of the list, I chose to address clothing purchases because it might be more interesting for my female audience. My intended audience are females, and discussing clothing would most likely pertain to them. Fashion trends are constantly changing, thus I feel like it would be most helpful to address this subject. I chose a popular topic and an audience that is most relatable to me so that my message would be most relevant and helpful. It wouldn’t make sense to inform older women on trends for youngsters or about women’s clothing to males. It is important to attract your audience’s attention with something that pertain to them and capture their full attention, which is what I aim to do.

Trends have a big impact when people buy clothing, because being out-of-style is probably not preferable. I am confident that my video would leave an impact and affect consumers because according to the Raksha J’s article “YouTube Video Influence 64% Of Consumers To Make Purchases!”, 66% of beauty product buyers were influence through Youtube videos and 62% of smartphone buyers were influenced as well. (J). This demonstrates how such videos can affect people’s shopping behavior. In my video, I will be providing my personal opinions about what clothing I prefer, which would give my audience a taste of what clothing other females alike are into. Because it is summer right now, I will mainly be following summer clothing trends. In the summer, crop tops, tank tops, or halter tops are currently the latest trend, because many stores carry those products since it is hot and gives off a summer look. By giving my opinion, I encourage teenage girls to be able to gain their own personal opinion on clothing they prefer to wear or they can see what type of clothes I purchase and get it for themselves if they like it. I prefer to wear high waisted pants because I am shorter in stature and it makes my legs look longer, and I want my audience to know that they should have an idea of what type of clothing they should wear that they feel like fits their body shape the best and compliments their frame. It is apparent that other’s opinions and suggestions play a role when it comes to shopping, so I want to take part in helping shape teenage girls’ approach towards shoppin.

A major part of a teenagers’ life revolves around the use of social media and entertainment sites, so in order to ensure that my message would be seen by many female teenagers, I specifically chose to use Youtube to connect me to the audience. I acknowledge that an efficient way to keep in touch with teenagers is through social media. A crucial part in making my decision was based on choosing what online website had the most users and was popular amongst teenagers. Studies show, that as of July 2014, Youtube had one billion users and as of October 2014, out of the the percentage of internet users in the United States, 81.9% are teenagers ranging from 14–17 years (Smith). After seeing that there was such a large teenage audience that took part in using Youtube, it was decided that I would utilize what social media sites they prefer to use. I want my video to be accessible as many females as possible. An additional bonus of creating a Youtube video is that it could be linked to Facebook, which is another one of the most popular social networking sites. The best way to reach out to the largest audience possible is to utilize the largest social networking sites.

Valuable advice that I want to get across to my audience is to not rush into buying clothing. Many companies offer the same piece of clothing, but they can be slightly different and vary in prices. Again, in my video, I will comment on things like the style of clothing and emphasize the importance of the quality of clothing. When a top is more expensive, it isn’t necessarily better in quality. In some instances, a cheaper top might be made with better, softer material and is only cheaper because it is not name brand. I want my audience to not be fooled by logos and shop wisely. If you can save money from buying something less expensive, then it doesn’t hurt to do so. Also, a great way to save money is to wait it out and not buy the product under a whim, because many stores do offer promotions and sell the item at a discounted price after a while. To give the audience a better idea of what sales are going on, I would give examples like how Nordstrom has an annual anniversary sale where items are greatly discounted or signing up for discounts via email so that they can be notified when there are sale.Most of the time purchases could be returned for cash back, store credit or exchanges, so being experimental is also another tactic I encourage. My goal is to encourage female youths to explore other options and take things one step at a time.

When it comes to clothing shopping, money is also a sensitive issue for teenagers because they do not necessarily have the freedom to spend lavishly most of the time. According to Business Insider, most teens still rely on parents for over half of their spending money so they resort to embracing “grown up” shopping habits like seeking discounts (Durisin). With this being said, normally, teenage girls do not have their own source of income, or they have a limited source of income because they do not have stable jobs, so I also keep in mind that there should be a reasonable budget when it comes to shopping. If a product is higher in demand, it is usually more pricey, but I want to let my audience know that there are always cheaper, more affordable alternative options. Although, “knock-offs” of clothing may seem like a fashion no-no, I want my audience to know that it is completely fine to buy clothing that isn’t name brand, but is just as stylish. Forever 21, is one of the biggest companies in the fashion industry and of course, it carries many pieces of apparel that mimic top brands. In many instances when I shop, I see tops or bottoms that look very similar to popular clothing brands like Brandy Melville, but is noticeably cheaper. A shirt that could be around fifteen dollars could be found at Forever 21 for about half the price, but still make a cute outfit. I will be demonstrating how to compare prices in my video and showing how settling with a less pricey piece of clothing is no big deal. By doing so, I am educating my audience in how to shop wisely, but still be kept within a trend circle.

Another goal of mine when I decided to make this video was to demonstrate how people can utilize social media to learn about things and benefit from doing so. It would cost a fortune to buy all the makeup items or pieces of clothings out of curiosity, when there are videos people make reviewing those products. Making shopping haul videos could be for pleasure, profit, education, but they serve more than to just boast about things someone bought. Fashion Youtuber Moscaritolo says “I thought it’d be cool to give fashion inspiration to other people,” when asked about the reason behind making shopping haul videos (Khrais). This demonstrates that people do intend to help others and spread the message via social media, which is what I’m trying to do. In my video, I will rate the items I purchased on a scale of 1–10, telling my audience how much I feel like the item was worth and making recommendations. My one review alone might not be much, but by joining the crowd of people who make these videos, I am also encouraging others to make reviews of products to help others who might be conflicted when shopping.

In conclusion, by taking teenagers values and interests into mind, I am aiming at successfully creating a clothing shopping haul video that targets teenage females with intentions of sharing shopping tips with them. My choice of delivery would be a video on one of the most popular social websites, Youtube, to increase the amount of viewers. Social media is an incredible tool to use to connect myself to the audience. I also consider the circumstances teenage girls face when shopping, such as their budget and fashion trends (what to and what not to buy).In teaching my audience on how to shop, I want them to learn that shopping wisely is the best way to save money, yet still be up to date. Although some shopping haul videos are made by people for profit from clothing companies, my intentions are purely to provide inspiration to my viewers to acquire useful skills when shopping for clothing. This is a form of helping others out. and letting people know what is good and what is not good. By the end of watching my video, I intend for my audience to become more well informed about the many options there are when it comes to buying new apparel and be more aware about the products they are buying. Whether it is clothing or other products like electronics, cosmetics or groceries, the tactics I mention, such as searching for quality and comparing prices can always be applied.


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