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Music can have such a powerful effect on your mood that it can help boost endurance levels during exercise. The first step in setting gapless playback is to find the album you want and select all the tracks on it. Listening to music when you hit the gym to Improve your workout is not exactly a new concept. Now, use the Get Info workout music command to open a window with the settings for the album. You can do this by going to file -> Get Info or by using the keyboard: On a Mac -> Apple key + I

On Windows -> Control + I. Look to the bottom right of the pop-up window. You’ll see an option labeled “Gapless Album.” Click the checkbox next to it and select “Yes.” Click “OK.” Now, when this album plays back as a whole, it will play without the bits of silence between tracks, improving the experience of listening to it. The drop-down menu next to it lets you choose how long the silence between songs will be. For a gapless CD, choose 0 seconds. Click Burn and your gapless CD will be created. When you are burning a CD in iTunes, you may need to ensure that the CD you are burning is gapless so that it plays back the way it was meant to sound. When you click the Burn Playlist to Disc button, a window will pop up. In the window, there will be a menu labeled Gap between Songs.