Cat Owner? Here the benefits.

Pixabay photograph: Cat Owner

‘Cats are selfish, they look for you only for food”. This is what a typical dog owner says to a cat owner, especially if he/she never owned a feline.

Being a cat and a dog owner, and a big lover for both pets, I can only say that who accuses cats of being colds, selfish or not lovers, I am sorry but this is totally wrong

So, here below are 10 benefits that our feline friends give to their owners: (to see full articles click on links)

1. Less likely to die of a heart attack.

2. Tend to be smarter.

3. Are you a single guy? If you own a cat women will say that you are nicer

4. A cat can be as good companion as a dog, for women especially

5. Cat Owners aged 13 years ‘ 80% said that their cat helped them get along better with family and friend.

6. Cats are ideal pets for seniors, owning a cat can boost the health and happiness.

7. Cats invented napping. If you follow your cat’s nap you will benefit your creativeness, memory, productivity and overall mood.

8. Cat purrs = help lower stress and reduce blood pressure.

9. Children and adults who have autism feel calmer and can socialize more easily by owning a pet. A cat in particular, a 2012 French study observed.

10. Last but definitely not the least, cats make you laugh so, so, so much !!

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