Blockchain team of Hunan Province has rapidly risen, and Tianheguoyun leads the future

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, Chinese cities are layouting blockchain industries. Hangzhou, Chongqing, Hainan, Guangzhou and other cities are building blockchain industrial park. Now Changsha has followed their pace and made great development in blockchain industry.

On August 26, Blockchain Academician Summit Forum & Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park Project Signing Ceremony with the theme “Xingsha on Blockchain Leads the Future” was held in Changsha Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, hosted by Changsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha County, and Tianheguoyun Co., Ltd., which is the technology provider of Ulord. Several academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, blockchain industry leaders and blockchain entrepreneurs attended the forum to discuss the application of blockchain technology and the development of blockchain industry.

Blockchain+industry”, policy promotes the development of blockchain in Xingsha

Recently, the book of “Blockchain- to Leaders and Cadres” published by People’s Daily Press is one of the books which was read frequently by Zeng Chaoqun, party secretary of Changsha Economic Development Zone as well as secretary of Changsha County Party Committee. In the summit, Zeng Chaoqun saids that blockchain, as the next generation of cutting-edge technology, is not only a single development of industrial chain and new economic growth point, but also can provide technical support for traditional industrial transformation and upgrading. In intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0, blockchain technology is introduced in the form of “chain + cloud” to build a distributed intelligent production network, which will greatly enhance the efficiency of the real economy and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

Wu Jinming, director of Economic and Technological Committee of Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, said that Changsha has developed blockchain industry with high prospects and solid foundations. Next, the top-level design of the industrial park should be strengthened with more precise directions as a good “locomotive” for Hunan’s new economic development.

Changsha Economic Development Zone and Changsha County has established a blockchain work leading group to grab a new round of technological innovation opportunities. In June this year, Changsha Economic Development Zone Management Committee issued a document of “Changsha Economic Development Zone’s Policy on Supporting the Development of Blockchain Industry (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”). The Policy includes cultivation support, platform support, innovation support, financial support, and talent support for blockchain enterprises (institutions), and clarifies nearly 20 support policies for cash rewards. Meanwhile, the application of academician workstation and the preparatory construction of Xingsha Blockchain Research Institute led by Changsha Economic Development Zone and Changsha County have been launched, and the top-level design for the blockchain industrial park have been made to promote the development and application of blockchain industry in the real economy.

Digital currency≠blockchain, the integration of blockchain and cutting-edge technology leads the future

The rise and shock of cryptocurrencies have made blockchain technology in attention and controversy. However, since 2018, blockchain technology has revealed application potential in more areas. How will this technology develop?

Chen Xiaohong, academician of China Engineering Academy, said that digital currency is not equal to blockchain. Digital currency is only one of the application scenarios of blockchain, and does not necessarily use blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can further promote the transformation of the Internet and represent the second generation of the Internet.

Academician Chen said that blockchain technology needs to be combined with other technologies to maximize the value of blockchain. The blockchain solves the bottleneck of the Internet of Things and provides a cross-subject collaboration foundation. Huawei, Tencent, and Ping An have adopted blockchain technology to build their own smart cities. Blockchain technology has a wide range of application scenarios.

Blockchain technology helps promote the development of AI, expand the application range of AI to various types of data, and AI can help solve the problems of traditional smart contracts in blockchain. AI technology can automate the process of exploiting and repairing vulnerabilities, and utilize flexible rule language, rich scene accumulation and full range of device support to realize intelligent security operation and maintenance to ensure the application deployment of blockchain security.

Blockchain will expand the range of mobile applications, which can be widely used in mobile games, finance and other fields.

Blockchain technology plays a role in the fields of financial insurance, intelligent manufacturing, industrial IOT, etc. Currently, blockchain technology is widely used in finance, environmental protection, food safety, smart cities, etc. The key point of the development of blockchain technology lies in the de-virtualization to accelerate the blockchain application. Relevant technical standards, an international voice should be established and blockchain security issues should be addressed, including breakthroughs in the underlying code, consensus mechanisms, and digital wallet security.

Cultivate talents and reduce regional differences

Zhang Pingwen, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced a new generation of information technology promotes social and industrial transformation. Academician Zhang pointed out that technological innovation is very important, which is the foundation of our country. The core of the new generation of information technology are mathematical technology and computer technology, both of which are the support of technological innovation.

Combined with Hunan resources, Academician Zhang provided advice of the perception change for the transformation and upgrading of Changsha County. First, it is very important to create this industrial park and do not lag behind. Second, appreciate talents. Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen have urgent talent needs. How do we compete with others? We should retain talents with career, working treatment and affections. Economic Development Zone and Changsha County must put talent issues first and provide a good environment for talents. Data is the center and talents are fundamental.

How does blockchain empower the real economy in the new economic era?

New technology activates new kinetic energy. Blockchain, a new technology in essential, can be used in many areas. The effect of technology landing depends on the wisdom of the user. If you use it correctly, you can get twice the result with half the effort and provide the inexhaustible momentum for subsequent development. At the summit, Zhang Wenping, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gui Weihua, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liao Xiangke, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Xiaohong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering…These senior experts and academicians gathered in Xingsha and discussed how blockchain technology serves the real economy in the new situation.

Zhang Pingwen is one of the earliest scholars in China to focus on blockchain technology. He believes that China’s economy is in a period of transition, and that next-generation information technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, AI, and blockchain are key for the social and industrial transformation. Faced with new technologies and situations, Changsha Economic Development Zone and Changsha County have followed the trend of transformation and upgrading, actively established Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park, introduced support policies, and absorbed enterprises to settle in, which has already taken the lead in China.

A few years ago, Chen Xiaohong began to pay attention to blockchain technology. At the national sessions of NPC and CPPCC in early 2018, she brought seven proposals, among which blockchain technology is one of her concerns. Chen Xiaohong believes that blockchain has broad application scenarios. For example, in finance, small and medium-sized enterprises often face difficulties in financing and loans, because they are difficult to obtain bank credit. While blockchain technology can not only solve credit problems, but also help banks prevent financial risks. Chen Xiaohong believes that if Changsha Economic Development Zone successfully supports a group of excellent blockchain enterprises, these enterprises will certainly be able to promote the development of information technology in the manufacturing enterprises of the park. Blockchain technology deserves further attention and exploration. After this technology is applied, it will bring huge changes to existing production.

Liao Xiangke, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of the School of Computer Science of National University of Defense Technology said blockchain is a data platform for value transfer, which happened in centralized platform before but now can transfer without authoritative public trust institutions.”

Yu Jianing, editorial director of the “White Paper on China’s Blockchain Industry in 2018”, said that the combination of blockchain and real economy will occur in industrial upgrading. Now Tencent and Ping An are already engaged in their own blockchain finance landing. In near future, business information will be on the chain to ensure data validation, data flow, and data security. He also made several suggestions for the development of Xingsha blockchain industrial park. First, it is necessary to recruit those technology-oriented enterprises with real technical strength and respect talents; second, each link implements the idea of blockchain. Take the energy-saving and emission reduction mechanism for example, it should start from the public service, and the industrial policy subsidy fund should be on chain. Since we are determined to engage in blockchain, we must do it well.

Ten blockchain projects are signed in the ceremongy, and

Tianheguoyun leads the future

After the summit forum, the signing ceremony of Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park Project was held. There were ten companies that signed as the first batch enterprises. Xingsha Times said that Hunan Tianheguoyun Technology Co., Ltd. ranks among the top in terms of blockchain technology in China. Ulord, created by Tianheguoyun, is the first public blockchain in content distribution field in China.

Tan Lin, CEO of Tianheguoyun, was the first signing representative of the enterprises settling in the industrial park. He received the interview from People’s Daily, Hunan Satellite TV and Hunan Jingshi, and said that blockchain technology will get a close tie with the real economy and have more application opportunities to effectively reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of the real economy, as well as promote regional economic development. Changsha, as the economic core of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan Cities Group, focuses on the development of emerging industries, which will help promote the effective and rapid development of the entire economic region and grasp the technological opportunities. The birth of any emerging technology will be embraced by the local government to seize the industry’s dividends and create a new city card.

Tianheguoyun is one of the first leading companies in the field of blockchain, and a leading blockchain technology company in China with strong R&D strength. It focuses on blockchain technology and product innovation, accelerates the industrial chain and new economic growth and provides technical support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to enhance the efficiency of the real economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of related industries, and create new business cards for cities.

The rapid development of blockchain technology has accelerated the pace of upgrading of the real economy. The real economy embraces a historic development opportunity, not only in the content field, but also in more areas. And Ulord will also increase the pace of exploration from the content field to other areas of the real economy and create more social value.

Li Honghan, a researcher at the Financial Co-Creation Center of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law commented that Changsha will implement the decision-making deployment of the innovation-driven development strategy more quickly and efficiently, and strengthen the blockchain theory research as well as the innovation of the underlying technology to form a set of blockchain visualization standards and model projects such as Ulord project, create a batch of application templates that can be replicated and promoted, introduce and cultivate a batch of blockchain innovation enterprises, create a professional talent team, and establish a set of management system and operation mechanism. Blockchain team of Hunan Province, represented by Tianheguoyun has rapidly risen, forming a blockchain industry highland, and a blockchain + innovation application base for the whole country.