Creating a culture of public speaking

At Soluto (by Asurion) we used to have a problem you might relate to — we had (and still have) extremely talented engineers 👩🏻‍💻, PMs 🏆, and UX designers 👨🏻‍🎨 but… they just did the job amazingly and kept it to themselves, while nobody outside the company knew about it. That had to change.

When I joined Soluto, I watched the incredible people around me, and it took no effort imagining them as the stars on a tech conference talk 🎤, stealing the show at meetup events, becoming sought after guests on podcasts, and sharing their vast experience and knowledge…

Two new employees joined Soluto during the past week: a developer and a product manager. We’re used to onboarding several new employees in a single week, but now things are different — we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so not only are we adjusting to working remotely, now we have another first — remote onboarding.

WIIFM? (what’s in it for me)

  • For a new employee — if you’re about to start working remotely in a new place, we think you’ll find the following information very helpful.
  • For employers — if you’re in the same situation as us, you’ll find best practices for the process…

How a hi-tech company with 110 employees switched to working remotely

Last week it became clear that the way things are going, our entire company may have to work from home soon, and who knows for how long. Our company, Soluto, the Tel Aviv division of American Asurion, has 110 employees. We couldn’t just send everyone home at the end of the week with so much uncertainty; we knew we had to prepare in advance for any possible scenario. And it’s a good thing we thought ahead, because sure enough, this workweek began with some extensive new COVID-19 regulations that required us to switch to remote operations.

In this post we’ll…

Hackathon logistics

After you’ve read our first 2 blog posts about building the team and making your hackathon memorable, it’s time to dive into logistics — the real deal.

Gantt — organize

Let’s start off with one of our top-secret tools, it’s simple and super useful — A GANTT CHART.

You can take a look at our Gantt template to get a better idea of things:

The hackathon team

In this series of six blog posts, you’ll get a handy guide on how to organize a 24h hackathon for ~100 participants.

We’re Elay Gliksberg, a software developer, and Shir Peri, developer relations, and we recently organized our company’s (Soluto) hackathon together with two other colleagues.

Our hackathon had about 100 participants and we had fun organizing it. We collected a lot of knowledge and we noticed that company hackathons are gaining popularity, so we decided to share our formula for organizing awesome hackathons in a series of six blog posts.

Shir Peri Lichtig

Developer Relations at Soluto (Asurion)

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