Partner Updates - August 24, 2016

By James

Transition to .ai files

Invalid design files is one big cause of order delays. Your shirts eat more days to produce if you do not have .ai files.

To avoid future delays, only designs with .ai files will be printed. Note: If your design has been sold before August 24, we have already converted them to .ai for you.

sold = “paid”

We prepared the following to help you transition to Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Converting .psd to .ai video tutorial
  2. Adobe Illustrator workshop (to be announced)
  3. Hire a designer!
  4. New Supporthero article w/ new .ai template

Metro Manila non CoD orders: from Xend to In-house fleet

To improve delivery lead times, our in-house delivery fleet will take charge of both CoD and non CoD orders starting August 26, 2016. This was previously outsourced to Xend.

Delivery Couriers

This implies that your Metro Manila non CoD shoppers will not receive tracking #s anymore because our Customer Service team will directly contact them.

No deadline for order changes

We heard you! The 12-midnight cut off for order changes has been removed. This means we can be messaged if your shoppers want to change their delivery details, size, etc.

We highly suggest that you direct your shoppers to our Facebook page for order changes. We cannot guarantee that we can stop the order in time to make the adjustments, but we will do our best to accommodate and deliver the items on time.

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