During another shopping spree on the Asos website, I took a quick look at their Career section. To me, those pages felt out of tune with the Asos Brand. Asos usually have great UX, but the Career section had a very difficult navigation, and felt under designed, almost like a wireframe.

Seeing this made me want to jump in, and try to redesign those pages
while creating a better user experience.

This is a concept redesign project of my own decision.
I wasn’t asked or hired by Asos to create this.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been on the lookout for a new designer to join our team at OverOps.

As the only designer in the company at that time, I was extremely excited! And mainly because I had no one to share my judgy designer comments over the takeaway menus. It was the first time for me on that side of the table, being the one who interviews rather than being interviewed myself.

I also had to go through a multitude of portfolios, and I reached two conclusions:
A. A lot of awesome designers don’t present their portfolio well enough…

This is Part 2 of an article about the advantages of illustrations in web design. If you were looking for part 1, you can find it here.

How should I use illustrations?

In part 1 we talked about the advantages of using illustrations.
In this part, we will discuss how and where we can use illustrations across our product.

Illustrations as the identity of your brand

The most common method of using illustrations is when they dictate the brand’s identity.

In those cases it’s more likely the illustrations will appear in the site and marketing materials of the product and in more rare times, in the product itself as well. …

Let’s start with a confession. I own a Unicorn’s onesie.
Actually, I own two of them.

I have made a conscious, adult decision to purchase every item that contains illustrations, the color pink and sparkles I come across. The onesies happen to check all of the above.
And now, armed with that knowledge about me, you will find it as no surprise that I LOVE illustrations, and using them in my work. My manager wasn’t surprised either, when I suggested adding illustrations to out homepage. However, this is where I encountered my first obstacles:
A. I was shocked to discover that…

A few weeks ago I attended a design event about analytics.
I arrived late and the only available spot was exactly behind a pillar that blocked the view of the stage. So lesson A — arrive on time.

Usually when I arrive to lectures I listen to about 60% of what’s being said, but this time I sat there like an old lady in a bingo contest, trying my best to soak it all in. Analytics are a major part of my day to day work, so I was intrigued by how can you make analytics approachable to a crowed…

“Honestly, they can sell my data to some shady 3rd party”
This is the first thought that I have when I come across a signup form I’m not comfortable with.

Sign up forms are not the most likable web pages. They force the user to share personal information that he might not be comfortable with sharing, and as a result these pages usually have very high bounce rates. Whether your sign up form is for a product, mailing list or a webinar, the goal is always the same — have as many users sign up as possible. When we make…

A few days ago a friend mentioned something arbitrary regarding her dribbble account.
As a young aspiring designer this conversation aroused an expected reaction from me in the form of: “OH F&#$ I’M DOING SOMETHING WRONG! I’M NOT UP TO DATE! I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT!!”
So, to make a long story short, I decided to open a dribbble account.

What is dribbble anyway?
Dribbble is a social network for designers from different fields — animation, illustration UI, typography and more.
Designers upload images of their work (called shots in dribbble), and they get feedback from other designers.
When dribbble started in…

Shir Zalzberg

UX designer @ Salesforce, Founder of Startup Designers, MBA candidate at IE Business school

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