Best Box Mods or Vape Mods in 2020

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Mar 2 · 5 min read

There are a wide range of different box mods/e-cig mods accessible in the market. Box mods might be available with fixed internal LiPo rechargeable batteries that energize by means of USB charging cable. A box mod with removable batteries may come with one to four battery-powered Li-Ion batteries, normally one or two. The most widely recognized feature of box mods are variable wattage, which means you can increase/decrease or regulate the power wattage you want to vape.

Vape Mods are uncontrollably famous at the present time, and it appears that consistently many new models are launched every month. From one viewpoint, it is extraordinary, since it gives you an immense choice to find suitable device. In any case, then again, with such a large number of vape mods now available, picking the one for you can be an overwhelming task.

This ultimate best box mods guide is the last resource you need to find your ideal vape device. We have attempted and recorded here the absolute BEST Vape Mods UK. On the off chance that you are uncertain on what the best box mod is for you, see our guide underneath to get familiar with the alternatives.

Smoant NabooKit 225W

The new Naboo box mod from Smoant, which separated from a general structure apparently roused by very good quality cell phones additionally includes the biggest touch screen mod I have ever observed on a vape mod list, as well as vibration feedback and responsive touch screen buttons. The pack additionally incorporates the Naboo sub-ohm tank, which accompanies two powerful mesh coils.

The Smoant Naboo is made principally of zinc combination, measures 91mm x 48mm x 31mm, Smoant claims this is the world’s 2.4 inch touch screen vape mod. It essentially comes with menu and navigation, which are both too simple and easy to use. The Naboo tank has basic top-filling feature, esay and convenient. Smoant additionally incorporates two noteworthy mesh coils, one evaluated at 0.18ω (40W — 80W) and a 0.17ω coil head (60W — 100W), impressive for flavour.

1 Naboo 225W Mod
1 Naboo Sub-Ohm Tank
1 2.0mL Glass Tube
1 Extra Mesh Coil
1 Micro USB Cable
2 User Manual
1 Battery Warning Card
1 Warranty Card
1 Certificated Card

Smok Species Kit 230W

SMOK knew precisely what they were doing when they made the SMOK Species V2 Kit, which has a ultra-responsive colour 1.45 touch screen, that makes working the device a breeze! The Species V2 kit is a powerful, 230W double 18650 mod, however it’s a quicker, powerful upgraded version.

The SMOK Species V2 Mod accompanies the Smok TFV8 Baby V2 tank. The TF Baby V2 tank is another, newer version sub ohm vape tank in the TFV8 and Baby group of SMOK tanks. This tank is littler than the TVF12 Prince tank. The Smok v2 A1 coil is a bigger surface area single mesh coil that functions admirably somewhere in the range of 90–140W. The flavour from the A1 coil was amazingly acceptable, even past 100W. The other coil in the device, the 0.2ohm Baby V2 A2 coil, is a double coil, that produces colossal clouds (particularly in the event that you keep the air flow all the way open) while additionally keeping up the flavour profile.

SMOK Species V2 Box Mod

SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

Baby V2 A1 0.17-ohm Single Coil Head (this one is installed in the tank for you)

Baby V2 A2 0.2-ohm Dual Coil Head

USB Charging Cable

Replacement Parts (such as your o-rings) and Glass

A User Manual

Smok D-Barrel Kit 225W

The all-new D-BARREL Kit is an immediate relative of the well-known SMOK MAG Kit. The SMOK D-BARREL Box Mod is an ergonomic handheld vaping box mod. Executing a double high-amp 18650 battery arrangement, broad temperature control alternatives, and can be combined with a horde of Vape Tanks and atomizers.

On account of its enormous cloud creating abilities, the Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank is the perfect partner for the D-Barrel mod. Holding up to 2ml of e-liquid, this sub-ohm tank is anything but difficult to fill and keep up, gratitude to convenient highlights, for example, top filling and separate 4.5ml bubble glass. Flexible triple air flow encourages you better control vape for a more tightly or loos inhale. With seven perfect Smok V2 replacement coils types, there’s a far more noteworthy decision over how this tank will perform.

Smok D-Barrel 235W Vape Device

2ml TFV8 Baby V2 Vape Tank

Mini V2 0.17 Ohm A1 Coil

Mini V2 0.2 Ohm A2 Coil

User Manual

USB Charging Cable

Rev Phantom Kit 220W

Outwardly, the Phantom Kit doesn’t wander excessively a long way from the REV-Tech stylish. Which means, its look and feel is enlivened by fast car, with the essential curve finish additionally serving to make the Phantom agreeable to hold and work. This, obviously, incorporates the monstrous 2.8-inch LCD screen, which handles all the standard dashboard trappings. What’s additionally intriguing about the Phantom is the all-new Optimax chipset, alongside 32MB of locally available memory, something really cool, hah!

I preferred the included Drift 2 sub-ohm tank, which is the 24.5mm in diameter, implies the Rev Tech Drift 2 will take a gander at home on a wide scope of vape devices. Be that as it may, the Phantom kit flourishes with quick fire time and intense increase response — two characteristics that make the Phantom, and the included REV-M replacement coils completely sing each time you fire.

REV Phantom Box Mod

REV Drift II Tank 2ml

M1 Coil, 0.18ohm (Pre-installed, for 40–80W)

M4 Coil, 0.15ohm (for 50–100W)

Micro USB Cable

User Manual

iJoy Mystique Mesh Kit 160W

So here I am finally with iJoy’s commitment to the moderate, lightweight vape mod kit, as a double 18650 batteries with a 162W max capacity, a popular mesh coils that vows to convey on the flavor front and a hot looking finish outside that gives off an impression of being significantly costlier than it really is.

Presently, while the Mystique Mesh Kit is accessible, with an increasingly reasonable, disposable Mystique Mesh tank. A Big Cyclops style airflow slots on either side guarantees a superior system, on what is basically a fairly massive and strong looking sub-ohm tank. The pre-introduced coils is a decent, MQ1 mesh coil 0.18 ohm for a 40–80W vape. This coil works amazingly compared to its rival low end coils. The additional coils is the MQ2 mesh coil which is likewise work however in double coil design, it feels somewhat more tightly on the draw, conveying just hardly less flavor than the MQ1 yet at the same time truly fulfilling on both the flavor and cloud vape fronts.

iJoy Mystique Mod

iJoy Mystique tank — either Disposable Mesh or Sub Ohm tank

MQ1 coil (0.18ohm) — sub ohm tank kit only

MQ2 coil (0.2ohm) — sub ohm tank kit only

Replacement glass — sub ohm tank kit only

Tool pack — sub ohm tank kit only

USB Cable

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