an ai story

A rich man asks an school boy, with cheap clothes-
If you want, you can be the first to go to mars to colonise the next human planet as you please.
Boy — No.
The Man- I don’t understand, the reports says, you only planned to come here, 8 hours ago, when you were writing your Olympiad exam.
Yes, and sir I believe you know the urgency of every second, please provide me a work table in your 50 meter range.
Man — No.
Then I will be forced to roll a few triggers in the next 2 hours and you will be in my 100 meter range.
The Man- How, how how, capitalism is at your tips in last few hours, you have already tripped banking system in last few minutes.
Boy — Well, they were already faulty ,
starts beating the founder of colonizing mars to death saying -Enough!!! tell me everything about artificial intelligence, if you believe that it is going to destroy everything you love, then you know how it works. Tell me. Tell me.
The paypal mafia with bleeding eyes says-
you know better than….