Shisho Cloud evolved into a more sophisticated and developer-friendly security tool

What is Shisho Cloud?

  • Simply linking to hosting services such as GitHub allows you to receive automatic security reviews. Shisho Cloud can find security issues in Terraform code at the moment.
  • Issues found during automatic security reviews also provide suggested solutions, allowing you to generate fix patches with the click of a button.

Five Function Updates

Link to GitLab and BitBucket Repositories

Scan Result Notification for Pull/Merge Requests

More than 200 Built-in Policies to Find Security Issues

Issue Notifications Now Under Control

UI Update for UX improvement

  • Significant changes to the UI’s theme.
  • Changes to how source code is displayed, making it easy to use even on a small screen.
  • Additional information such as resource names added to issue notifications, making it easier to see which resources have security issues.
  • Dataset filtering/sorting is available to reach a target record easily

Our Goal



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Fix Infrastructure-as-Code security issues just with a Click