Securix ICO scam

Securix ICO founders are just some dudes without any background in crypto. So how the hell are they involved in mining and a project worth 55 million bucks?

Meet Securix ICO Shitadvisors — Navlin Kapoor (Swiss Alps Mining Shitadvisor) and Giovanni Cassagrande (Swachhcoin and other scams)

The idea is the same as Swiss Alps Mining (our regular Shitcoin Reader’s Digest has already exposed this scammy ICO): set up mining centers in places with cheap electricity (either in Swiss Alps or Netherlands) and the deal is on. Investors will get their profit in the beginning of next year (perfect timing, when Ethereum is usually dying and Bitcoin hits rock bottom). Come on, you must be insane to promise that! It’s as if these guys are at a casino, where you gotta play roulette to win. Btw, one of the founders is an ex-croupier. No surprise, here’s the proof:

The project’s Github doesn’t give us a single clue about what’s going on. Of course, they’re buying mining hardware, but where are all those smart contracts and e-wallets? If they exist at all.

The profit calculator is ridiculous! Now you know what SEC in SECurix stands for, ’cause you can actually go to jail for this shit!

Do not invest under ANY circumstances!

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