Have we lost the run of ourselves?

Should we focus on the details of the individual or remove ourselves out and look at the bigger picture? Why can’t we do both? Why can’t I be sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right? Why do we pigeon hole ourselves to find our place in the social sphere? Labels have taken over and clouded the birds-eye view of the whole. Why is this the case?

We are all products of our environment. Nature AND Nurture. The current human state has been nurtured into apparent global outrage, but in only half of the world. The West is now in the most triumphant era in history, logistically speaking, but why is this not celebrated? The public domain has instead lent itself to sensationalism and what appears to be perpetual indignation. We have developed a culture of merely identifying new problems, each one smaller than the previous, and resisting vehemently anyone that offers anything other then what you are proposing. Tunnel vision on the individual without any regard for the whole. No consideration for other, not even necessarily opposing theories, because it doesn’t fit the mould of the scenario your ego has now attached itself to.

Do we not ,at a base level, have the same social objectives as our ancient ancestors? The world may not look the same, but we are. Eat, Sleep, Mate, Survive. Those are our core instincts which have not changed. Humans are the most adaptable species to have come to be. The only animal to exist on almost every part of this rock in space. And we have fucking prospered. This should be good news. Shout it from the rooftops. Humans are fucking badass! But we can’t seem to take a step back and appreciate the whole. Are the populous really even that aware of the whole? Why are we now in the midst of a futile ‘social justice’ revolution with tensions so unnecessarily high between opposing factions?

The time I have spent contemplating this always leads me back to the same conclusion. We do not know, really, where we came from. We have no tangible connection to how we came to be. Unless we choose to seek out for ourselves our true origins. The human race is, as far as our human brains are capable of comprehending, the most advanced animal that has colonized Earth. We have no evidence of any superior species having dominated our planet at any point in history like we have. But how did we get to be where we are today? Where did the first humans come from? How long have we been here? Are we Divine?

I am no evolutionary biologist, but in my quest for knowledge I’ve certainly researched it enough to put myself in the mindset of human being, part of the human race, and identify my evolutionary strengths for survival and recognize these traits not just in myself and fellow people, but also all manner of species which have evolved and survived their time on Earth. It just makes sense to me. The most plausible theory put forward to explain what seems un-explainable to the uneducated computer machine that is the human brain.

Instead we are given Religion. Regardless of denomination, Religion is common ground worldwide to help us ‘understand’ where we came from. I was attending a funeral mass the other day, sitting at the very back, just taking in my surroundings. The drone of monotone prayer like a swarm of bees all buzzing together infested my head in a way which hasn’t happened before. Each person uttering, by second nature, the words of these verses which were taught to us all as bambinos.

A bit of background. I am not, nor have I or my family ever been religious. I do however, live in a Catholic country in which the church still has a surprising amount of influence. One of these is our education system. From the word ‘Go’ the indoctrination sinks its teeth in. Again, I had zero exposure to religion outside of school but I still know the whole fuckin’ lot. We were taught creationism, not because the teachers even believed it, it was just ‘on the curriculum’. A child’s first chance at discovering their identity and finding where they fit into their world is when they are released into school and away from the ever watching eye of their parents. This is where the foundations are set in the hope of successful transition into a functioning grown up. This is not, as it turns out, where we learn that we evolved over millions of years through genetic mutation after genetic mutation until the optimum DNA sequence was achieved which proved more successful in survival then the mutations that came before them. An arduous process which each species alive and extinct completed in the same manner, just for varying conditions.

What has this done to our psychological capabilities of independently understanding who we are with respect to everything else whilst only having control over oneself?

The general mindset for the human condition seems to me to have become, ‘We are too special to be the same as what came before or anything else that I’ve ever encountered’, constantly looking for a divine explanation to that which to an ignorant mind may seem fantastical and out of our realm of understanding. From this, the disconnection from the global ecosystem as a whole starts to sow its seed and the roots have burrowed deep within the human psyche and built up defensive barriers which are proving difficult to mow down. We need to be reminded, and in some cases enlightened, that we are collectively, as a species, just a cog in the symbiotic global colony, regardless of our apparent supremacy. This to me has been one of the most humbling realizations in my formative years and my own interpretation and adaptation to an ever changing life cycle where I can only be responsible for myself.

We are so consumed with the individual, disguised as altruism for the whole, that we have become completely disconnected in an age of almost universal connectivity. We are currently at a tipping point and the so called ‘social justice’ has gone into overdrive and shows no sign of slowing.

Our social media persona is the mask we wear of who we want people to think we are. The fun we are having and the great relationships we have built. The supposed ‘acceptable’ standards of our self representation which we set for ourselves have now back fired. These are now the standards which we are expected to now also live by and not just consult during the vetting process of your most recent Facebook post. If you do not follow this unwritten rule of social media etiquette and conduct the shitstorm ensues. The entitled, self-righteous, holier then thou bullshit utilized by those looking down from their high horse of self proclaimed online philanthropy.

My first experience of personal resistance to this phenomenon was when, suddenly, your opinions became the whole foundation for your character. If you don’t agree, regardless of your reasoning, you are now a bad person. A bigot. The great buzzword of the last 5 years. If you voted in favour of Trump or Brexit you are a deplorable human being who needs to be ostracized from any civilized environment, regardless of your social standing or situation. Case Closed. Under the guise of ‘Equality for Everyone’ the variable conditions of global in-habitation have been disregarded. We may be the same at a molecular level but we do not live the same lives. We do not all live under the same environmental or socioeconomic conditions. We definitely do not all want the same things. At what point will we just accept that the needs of the many do outweigh those of the few.

Evolution’s core principal: Survival of the Fittest. Survival of the fittest in a species who’s main predator is themselves and medicine so advanced that even a good majority of the weak survive too. But who am I to dictate the way of the land. My white privilege gives me a bias like no other. I can’t be trusted.

The individual is important, yes, but it is not the only. We are not the centre of anything, at all, except our own delusions of grandeur onthe quest to validate our increasingly fragile egos. The ego will be the reckoning, when has it not been.

It is due to our unparalleled ability to adapt to our surroundings that we have come to be the superior species. Suddenly we now expect the environment to adapt to us. Are we that disconnected from the whole?

Those robots are going to have a field day!