SHIT token is a crypto currency using Proof-of-Stake protocol to reward people who keep their SHIT together. While also enabling people to give SHIT to others who are full of it, or that are severely struggling to get their own SHIT in the same place, bag, drawer, or even room.


As the crypto market cap rises. One thing has become blatantly apparent, the market, investors, and most of all ICO’s need to get their SHIT together. Blockchain technology is the rapidly changing technology, and cryptocurrency is the biggest catalyst to that — but if we’re going to make this happen, we’re all going to need to take a second, slow down, gather up all our shit, and get it together. With SHIT token, you can now get all your shit together- and give shit to people who don’t.

SHIT token allows you to both to accumulate and organize your own SHIT, as well as give SHIT to people who are full of it. We’ve identified that the crypto community is in particular high levels of danger of not being able to keep its SHIT together, followed closely by the gaming community and music industry (note: despite our best efforts, at it’s current development, SHIT token is nowhere near equipped to handle getting the amount of SHIT that governmental organizations have all over the place, together).

We hope to set an example in the crypto community, and provide a sense of accountability to it’s members.


We want to be a friendly way to remind people you care about that they need to get their

SHIT together. As well as a humorous way to genuinely tell people how you feel, IF you feel like they’re full of shit. An incentive to figuratively and literally get your SHIT together.

Our number one priority once the ICO has finished and our development roadmap passes it’s more intensive segments is to get SHIT onto as many exchanges as possible. To truly allow the weight of SHIT to be felt it must be recognized by several exchanges.

Once SHIT token has been listed on at least 5 exchanges, we will set our sights on creating bots and integrations for social media platforms- allowing SHIT holders to share, receive, and send their SHIT across whatever platform they want.


SHIT holders can contribute to the SHITlist. To add a person, organization, or company

to the list- contribute the amount of SHIT that you believe the person or entity you’re

adding is full of. Once someone or something is added to the list it is then known as a

Piece-of-Shit (not to be confused with P-o-S, Proof of Stake. Piece-of-Shit will hereby be

referred to as P.O.S.).

Other SHIT holders can contribute SHIT to the entity you put on the list, effectively

sending him/her/it up SHITcreek. The entity with the most SHIT on their listing is the

biggest Piece of Shit. The entity with the least amount of shit on their listing (within the

confines of the SHITlist) is the smallest Piece of Shit. The SHITlist in it’s current and

eventual final form will both be primarily intended for showcasing individuals,

organizations, or companies that are in the public light and commonly known for

their shit.

Disclaimer: If the Pope is ever put on the SHITlist for ANY reason, he will immediately be rewarded the title of “Holy SHIT”. Just because.


Good Examples of Candidates for Pieces-of-Shit

1. If a company or individual raises the price of medicine far beyond where the average

person facing the ailment can afford it- they’d make excellent candidates.

2. People or entities whom refuse to take responsibility for what happens in and/or around

their lives.

3. The real Piece-of-Shit who gets upset and throws ranked games

4. A game developer that adds jetpacks to a series that traditionally and successfully has

no jetpacks.

5. Anyone who is so full of SHIT already, you might as well contribute to their supply

instead of your own.

6. Anyone taking advantage of those in a shittier position than them.

7. The guy who double parks at the fucking dentist.

8. The presidential candidate you don’t agree with.

9. The guy on your Telegram/Discord server who ALWAYS disagrees with you.

10. Your shitty cousin.

As you can see from the use cases, the SHITlist is a highly versatile multipurpose tool.

All powered by SHIT.


Pre-sale Goal = 50 ETH

ICO goal = 700 ETH.

20% will be used for exchange fees.

40% to expand the team and bring on development support

20% SHITlist management and development

20% will be retained by employees for operational costs.

50,000,000.0000 SHIT tokens will be sold during the initial sale period

50,000,000.0000 SHIT tokens will be distributed as bounties/rewards before.

We will distribute 20,000,000 SHIT tokens to those that help build the community and

contribute to our mission statement and roadmap development prior to our ICO.

20,000,000 will be held by the SHIT token team.

Undistributed reward tokens will be set aside for product development and meme preservation. If the ICO goal is not reached, the remainder of the ICO tokens will be listed on exchanges.


Presale begins August 20th and ends August 25th. 40,000,000 SHIT tokens will be sold.

ICO will begin October 31st, 12 PM EST and end September 15th, 2 PM EST.

SHIT token ICO price:

0.1 ETH = 5,000 SHIT token

ICO will end either when 50,000,000 SHITs are distributed or November 30th, 2 PM EST

whichever comes first. Smart contract has a hard cap of 50,000,000 SHIT tokens and will display the contribution address only on our official website:



• NOV — SHIT Token listed on 3 exchanges testing for Twitch & Discord integrations begins

•NOV — Integrations on Twitch & Discord


• JAN — SHITlist beta-testing

• MAR — SHIT token listed on 5 exchanges

• JULY — SHIT token integrations on most social media platforms

• AUGUST — SHIT listed on 10+ exchanges

• NOVEMBER — SHITlist reaches final form (Perfect Cell)



We can’t wait for the world to get its SHIT together. We will continue to be transparent and update our community with new use cases and integrations for SHIT token, and plan to see it used across a wide breadth of sites and communities. Continue to check back here as we will always update our Toilet Paper to reflect the current mission and goals of our team.

SHIT token is a crypto currency using Proof-of-Shit Protocol to reward people who keep their SHIT together.