The True Culprits Of Hollywood Whitewashing Are Hiding In Plain Sight
Marcus Benjamin

I think you and the other responders nailed it in the comments that this will always be a money decision. While I agree the actors shouldn’t be blamed, there’s plenty of blame to go around between studio execs, casting directors, directors, and the public. It’s a vicious cycle in a slow-moving industry that has been around throughout the tumultuous racial history in this country. This will be a slow change, and I think it’s going to take articles like these and more great filmmaking that stars talented POC that eventually connects to larger audiences and endows them with the star power that someone like SJ now enjoys. The former would be the audience, the latter on the creators. Supply will follow the demand.

I’d put a question to you though: should a Chinese actress had taken that role in a Japanese narrative, do we count that as progress? If the goal is true art as you define it, maybe you would say no?