_______________Be the oxygen for your CEO______________

Here I am going to mention what step I took to overcome this situation and what was the advantages of those steps.

25 NOV 2013 I started working I planned to work part-time but the work was so amazing I use to get good sum of money along with this I got my first promotion in just 8 days, so it turned into a full-time job, I loved my work and still I do but something that was not good was that no holidays from work not even on Sundays everything was going fine but I made many mistakes in just next 4 months, despite this I get in that position I dreamt for from the very first day of my job ………..new position new opportunities and new responsibilites too but I was still making mistakes on daily basis now one fine day my boss called me for the meeting it lasted for one hour I guess now u can guess what was about it ……..he scolded me for my mistakes and asked me to quit the job ……….QUIT THE JOB it was the first thing he said to me ………the message was simple and straight but I really don`t want to quit the job at least not in this way it was tough to listen to this I was unable to answer him I listened to him not uttered a word ………..At the end of the conversation, I left by saying ……….can u give me a week to improve my work I got half-hearted yes……. I asked for this one week to analysis my mistakes and also to decide what I will do when I will lose my this job I was enjoying my job I think its an easiest and the best job I will get in my life ahead now I have to make choice I have two roads in front of me I have to choose one now this poem by ROBERT FROST gave me some motivation….(THE ROAD NOT TAKEN)

So I planned to continue my job but I was more careful this time I made some habits they were.

1- I use to leave early for my job I make a list of work that I have to go through for the present day.

2 — Analysing the following point — I have to work on my 9–5 Schedule I can`t skip that I have to be here physically so why not to give my 100 % so it affected my work efficiency and now I was doing good

3 — Communication gap — For every novice, I would say avoid communication gap, keep learning new things ask your seniors for help share your problems with them ask them for help learn from there experiences never hesitate in asking for help your seniors are much more experienced than you so it’s better to take there help be a jolly person leave your ego behind if you wanna learn something…..be a jolly person….respect your seniors @ workplace ………. it was that something that I was missing.

4 — Rather than thinking about changing the boss and dreaming about the changes that he should make on himself you should work on your weak points ……if you will change yourself or you improve your work ……u will reach to the zenith this is the only way to make the change on your boss ……….as when u will improve your work to another level they will not find substitute for you ………..so they will change for sure.

I made the following changes and much more resulted in my better performance and I m still @ that same job, the week that I asked for changed into years.

Now the topic………………. BE THE OXYGEN FOR YOUR BOSS

It means that you should work in such a way that no one can do that job better than you be the best @ your job, that your CEO will not be able to find substitute for your work with all your efforts put your 100% be active to keep your eyes on your aim be honest, hard-working and punctual.

It will help you in self-growth as changing jobs continuously is gonna affect you in long term so it is better to focus on one job it will be beneficial for both you as well as workplace…….the best way to change your opponent’s mindset is by changing your work style your nature towards him keep all focus on your work even your boss will change his behaviour towards you be the oxygen for him …….means he find him helpless in finding your substitute.

I request you to go to the above 4 points again it will help you to develop your work



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