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While most by far of Visa’s record ranges portray 16 digit card numbers there are as yet a couple of record ranges (forty starting at 11 December 2013) devoted to 13 digit PANs and a few (439 starting at 11 Dec. 2013) account ranges where the guarantor can blend 13 and 16 digit card numbers Bank of America ABA Number. Visa’s VPay image can determine PAN lengths from 13 to 19 digits thus card quantities of in excess of 16 digits are presently being seen. Switch was re-marked as Maestro in mid-2007.

In 2011, UK residential Maestro (once Switch) was lined up with the standard worldwide Maestro recommendation with the maintenance of a couple of remaining nation particular guidelines. EMV Certification requires acknowledgment of a 19-digit Visa card (ADVT 6.1.1 Test Case 2) and Discover Card (E2E Test Plan v1.3, Test Case 06). To decrease the danger of Visa misrepresentation, different systems are utilized to keep the dispersal of bank card numbers. These include: Arrangement saving encryption: in which the record number is supplanted with a firmly encoded rendition which holds the configuration of the card information including non touchy parts of the field, for example, initial six and last four digits.

This grants information field insurance without changing installment IT frameworks and applications. A typical utilize is for shielding card information from the purpose of catch in a safe peruser to the installment handling host end-to-end to moderate danger of information trade off in frameworks, for example, the Point of Sale (POS). AES-FF1 Format-Preserving Encryption is characterized in NIST Specification SP800–38G.Dish truncation: in which just a portion of the digits on a card are shown or imprinted on receipts.

The PCI DSS standard manages that lone the initial six and last four digits of the PAN might be imprinted on a receipt or showed in cases other than where a business require requires the full PAN. US government law (FACTA) permits just the show of the last 5 digits. So as to conform to both PCI DSS prerequisites and US government law.

for the most part just the last four digits are given somewhere else to enable a person to recognize the card utilized.Tokenization: in which a counterfeit record number (token) is printed, put away or transmitted instead of the genuine record number.a solitary check digit ascertained utilizing the Luhn algorithmIIN length has been reached out to 8-digits in fifth version of ISO/IEC 7812 distributed in 2017The initial six digits of a card number (counting the underlying MII digit) are known as the backer distinguishing proof number (IIN).