Expose your local applications to the world. -Ngrok

In this rapid world of development, every piece of code starts from a local machine.

Worst part of it , we cant show the prototype to anyone till it is pushed to capital hungry Xyz hosting providers .

Keep Calm and NGROK


  1. Download NGROK from here

2. Extract the zip and you will find ngrok.exe

3. open cmd at the same folder level

4. Run the command

The above code will expose the port 8000 from your localhost and create a public URL.

ALL SET , you can share the url now to people

Best Part — logs also will be there .

Working Example :

I have the following website running at

let us open the ngrok public url now!

NGROK has so much in it. Visit ngrok.com for more details

don't keep questions inside, better fire it in comments😄.

-Siva Dwivedula.