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Once upon a time YC was known for legions of social and marketplace apps no one needed, it’s branched out. Now Silicon Valley’s top accelerator features tons of hardware, engineering, alternative energy and enterprise startups, too. Check out the 60 startups that debuted:

From the Investors:

megan quinn, General partner at Spark Capital, shares her experience on she learned by observing mentors whom she didn’t even know and never had met them in person:

jason, who invests in roughly between 30–40 startups a years, talks about what factors to take into account when selecting an angel round valuation:

Maia Heymann of Converge Venture Partners explains why understanding the demands on VCs will help you better articulate how your startup is uniquely positioned to meet those demands:

From the Operators:

Mariya Nurislamova, CEO of Scentbird breaks down her startup’s Y Combinator experience into a few key stages:

Nick Francis, Co-founder of Help Scout talks about how the things that really matter in building a product and business can’t always be measured:


Below are the selected several notable Y Combinator alumni that have either exited or grown into unicorns:

Domo, a 5.5-year-old, American Fork, Ut.-based data management platform company, has raised $131 million in additional Series D. The newest capital comes from BlackRock and unnamed family offices in Asia and Russia. The company, currently valued at $2 billion, has now raised $589 million altogether:

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