Week 4 — October

Big chunk of my job is to read, and I love reading. I love following smart people, I do that by reading what they are posting. The resources I use are Twitter, medium, nuzzle and various newsletters. Moving forward I will be sharing a few good articles/podcasts that I came across during the week.

@naval someone I am inspired by and I think he is one of the most thoughtful writers out there. Take a look at how the idea of starting AngelList came about and few fun facts on naval.

@morganhousel He is just amazing. Ever since I have gotten introduced to him I haven’t missed reading a single article that he has been writing. Morgan talks about why it’s so important to only get excited about the prospect of something that not only works, but works in harmony for everyone who is involved with it. That’s when something has the potential to win long term. And long term is when compounding really becomes powerful.

howardlindzon did an incredible interview with Harry Stebbings. In the podcast you will learn how howard made his way into the world of investing ,hedge fund, and now his seed stage fund SocialLeverage

@saddington John shares a great deck presenting where the Video indusrty is headed to. Must read for someone who is bullish on Video/Media industry. I am one of them.

@Beezer232 Beezer did a fantastic interview with Harry Stebbings on @twentyminutevc Beezer shared her perspective as a LP in VC on the podcast. Twentyminutevc is one of the podcasts I listen to while biking in the morning or workingout in the gym in the event.

@waitbutwhy Such a simple yet most profound way to think about how you’re spending your time. Great read.

@scottbelsky Wrote a fantastic blog post on five forecasts for the future. I am personally very excited about Augmented Reality and Autonomous vehicles. It will be very intersting to see where these two sectors are headed to in the near future.

Oh boy I love listening to @twentyminutevc and @a16z podcasts either while biking in the morning by the beach on the boardwalk or working out in the gym. It was a treat to hear how Mazzeo got introduced to Chris Sacca and how they ended up becoming partners at Lowercase.

@morganhousel wrote about surprises — The correct lesson to learn from surprises: that the world is surprising.