How it feels to teach design not knowing enough of it yourself.

Well, to not sound the regular 20 years old something start up kinds and with the risk of being put in the category of one more pseudo-profound professional-artist, I was warding off this subject for a very long time. But with working with weekend freelancers and devoting hours on criticizing and telling people to learn the art of design, it hit strongly more than ever.

“Exciting and perplexing! how confidently I am telling them, that it will be better if you listen to me. I felt like I am cheating on them”

I am working 88 hours per month, suggests my office check in and check out machine. Poor machine does not have any idea of the hours spent before and after work to get the designs in and get them working for my campaigns. “They don’t have virality, quotient bro!” “I don’t know this is somehow not something I would share on my wall, however looks pretty” With these sentences I was sort of tired of looking at photoshop icons and tweaking color and font schemes of “my kids” on regular basis.

I think I have had enough of it.

Till the time I heard, I eaves dropped on them. “Have you see the speed with which he conceptualizes a poster? I think he has got some skill up his sleeve, there is so much to learn from that guy.”

However immodest is sounds as I quote it here, I got a sense of delusional self appreciation, that I could do something and something with design.

So I decided to put down my design and work life chronicles, not to inspire people but to ensure myself that now matter how amateur designer is, the digital art is purposeful.

Design is never complete, absolute.

Draw with a purpose, an illustration always carry scope of improvement. How do you know you have arrived? There is nothing known as skilled or unskilled designer, you keep practicing and you keep getting better at it. If there is any block in your design thinking, that just a block for you to build on. Read more and revisit work more than often, look up on internet and on the roads. There is nothing as absolute or incomplete work. If it serves your purpose its good otherwise always risk your self as “some one who is overdoing it.” Keep sailing and don’t stop penciling.

Don’t stop copying, redundancy is approaching.

Ever heard “Copying is the best form of flattery?” As a starter I always wanted to redo and attempt work already done in the fields, borrowing creative vision for people and organisations. I remember completely ripping off work and doing it imperfectly. I think reinvention comes from your imperfect form and style. Your audience (in this case, marketing team) has seen (read stalked) and have formed hundred opinions on ongoing campaigns, they are already sold to an idea, why do you want to pitch in a new one, when you can easily do with what you have? Sit and rework what is been done. That’s call natural progression. Darwin anyone?

Perfection is a myth, doing it better than before is in scheme of things.

If you following me, reinvention comes from your imperfect form. You think perfect forms exist? Think again, if you ask me its all in preference. Some call it neat and some call it plain. Some call it improper and same thing is called natural. Its all in the eyes of beholder. Be smart enough to know who you have to cater to. I think this is the only thing that will work. Rest is matter of your timelines and rapport with people who you working with(lucky me!)

“I personally prefer orange over mustard, I think yellow is too bring to synthesize the seriousness of the issue” It is one of the most credulous yet only indifference deserving feedback that I could ever receive in my career.

Criticism comes easy, style is hard to convince yourself for.

If you remember I mentioned, its all about personal preference and people are extremely difficult to convince. Don’t try too hard to convince that your design is suitable, rather come in terms with your personal style. Keep doing more of it and for sure try to do it better than the last time.

There will be your time when you will ease in mass producing/conceiving the idea more suitably. Just be practiced enough to not look over excited. That is just a buzz-kill.

And finally, remember you are doing this because you love it.

In design the concept of time and space hold little significance but missing a deadline is a catastrophe, if you think there is something as work life balance to designers, then you are making a big mistake for not easing into the purpose of it. Design is a thought process and how you understand different perspectives. Its all about you wanting to know how much you can think and work within frames and challenge to push the same.

Art has whimsies, design fulfill purposes.

Digital art as how I like to believe is an internal process with an outward appearance of sending messages for purposeful businesses and ideas. Because it does not really matter of how your serif and sans serif have little difference to the world. You know that you will learn it and help others to do it better too.

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