The Bad Guys Are The Ones Invading Sovereign Nations, Not These Guys
Caitlin Johnstone

America has been, by far, the biggest threat to world peace. See what they’ve done to the whole of the Middle East and continue to do till date! Terrorism exists because of America - its foreign policy (if you call destroying and invading nations a policy, that is..). They would talk to India and Pakistan saying they want to help the countries resolve their Kashmir issue..basically interfere..then sell weapons and jets to both countries, make a ton of money and leave. Why would a country that manufactures weapons, fighter jets etc. on such a large scale, want any peace anywhere at all? They would just want to do good business. They just struck a huge trade deal with the Saudis who are currently destroying Yemen, right? It’s just what they do. Who’s showing what’s happening in Yemen, actually? The western media is just skipping it, looks like. I barely see any news on Yemen. It’s just sad really. I sometimes feel all the governments of the world are self-serving occupying forces.

Humans in groups do not have the ability to handle power perhaps. The atrocities they commit are proportional to the power that they have and the influence that they wield.

Please correct me if I’m wrong ☺

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