You Know What’s Annoying?

  1. You’re walking on the street and there’s someone walking in front of you, not too far off from you..and you’re both walking at approximately the same pace, only you’re walking a wee bit faster, in such a way that - if you continue at the same pace and so does the person in front of you, you’ll (in a bit) end up walking side by side, which is super awkward.. So you have to walk really fast to overtake the person in front quickly, till the distance is good enough, before you start walking at your natural pace again. Obviously gets even more annoying when there’s a group of people.

2. You’re on the pot and there are mosquitoes around you trying to bite..and you’ve to keep swinging your arms to keep them from biting till you’re done with your thing…urgh..get lost! Damn you!..shoo!..”

3. You’re really sleepy..too sleepy to do anything at all..but just can’t get yourself to actually go to sleep because there’s way too much going on in your mind.

4. Small doesn’t help that I’m quite socially awkward.

5. As you grow older, the hair on your head starts getting thinner and it starts falling off, and you start getting hair in other undesirable places. Soo damn annoying. A receding hairline makes you look so much older…and dude, why on earth do you need hair on your ears?! What’s the use of that?!

6. Sneezing right after you take a nice shower and you feel all nice and clean. Or sneezing when you’re doing something seriously..trying to concentrate..and then you find no tissue on you..picture that!

7. You have your headphones on, connected to your get distracted and walk away with the headphones still connected. Damn annoying! It’s usually the phone or when someone rings the doorbell.