Final Countdown

We are getting there

Just about a month left to the final presentation, I am slowly and steadily progressing with my skills and the project.

I slacked in my work for a few weeks which has certainly costed me in my progress but I am making up for the time lost. I felt I never understood classes, so I read the documentation on it, interacted with my mentor who has helped me a lot with understanding it and not making me feel dumber than I already feel hah! In addition to this, he is helping me stay on track by messaging me everyday to check on my progress-the nudging helps me. So instead of working on a bunch of things on one day in a week(and feeling lost), I am splitting it into different tasks each day!

In the meantime, I also took up the Django Girls workshop and learned about the Django framework and built a website for the Django Girls Blog from scratch. I made a video of the website because it isn’t live yet. It is attached here :

My current project works in command line like this :

It is still a long way to go from the final product but I am able to select the asset I want to add in the portfolio and get the data of the selected asset to do the further calculations for now! Need to put this into Django Framework after all my calculations are coded in and work well on command line.

The final mile is what matters now and I am telling myself, we are going to make the most of it!

Stay motivated!