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Gaurav: “Let’s build a bank of the future..”
Me: “Where do I sign?”

It literally happened just like that.

But first some backstory

I joined the engineering team at Neo-Bank a few months back. I have been writing code for the past 15 years. First as a 12 year old amateur game developer to now a professional software architect who thrives on using technology to touch people’s lives. It is an understatement to say that technology and engineering is my passion in life. I love solving real world problems and using software engineering to build those solutions.

After graduating in computer science and engineering…

AKA friendship in the world of personalization.

Photo by — Westworld, HBO

How do you actually become friends with someone? Is it a slow process of getting to know each other or an instant moment, when you just hit it off? Do we enjoy staying friends with people that have become part of our lives or sometimes, with distance, we just let them go?

I was Facebook-friends with this girl Claire when I was in college and we used to discuss sci-fi movies together. Though we’ve lost touch, I miss the friendship we had developed over a very specific topic of conversation — sci-fi movies.

As a part of my ongoing research…

Finding the right thought framework that supercharges your output levels

There could be three reasons why you clicked and started reading this article.

  • Maybe you are a developer who’s really frustrated about how little work he can get done or just want to hulk up and exceed their own limits.
  • Or maybe you are a tech lead or an engineering manager who wants to inspire their team to do a better job.
  • Or maybe I just begged you to read this, sending the link myself.

Well, in any case, I want you to congratulate you for coming here. This may very well be the definitive guide to hack developer productivity…

Is it really better to burn out than to fade away?

About a month ago, my whole belief system was turned on over its head. I realized that I had never been the wrongest in my entire life and it was a rare incident of reflection that promised to stay with me forever.

Make the car run before racing it on a race track. Vijay Anand of The Startup Centre gave me this brilliant piece of advice when I had just started Zeading in August of 2016. Alas, because of my tragic influence on myself, I chose to unconsciously ignore it or even worse, gravely misunderstand it. I had already failed…

Little secret sauce that makes everything better

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The first ever viral product

In the mid 13th century, an extremely viral product originated from the dry, barren plains of Mongolia. The users of this product could not stop talking about it and it spread like wildfire — spreading out from the Asian plains to the Mediterranean and most of Europe, capturing an easy 50% of the market share. By the end of the century, 25% of the whole population of the world was touched by it in some way or the other — peaking at what some estimates put at about 100 million users. …

Having fun is the key essence of building something amazing.

The world is changing

What worked in the iconic stories of Facebook and Google fifteen years ago might not work so well today. The challenges are entirely different and inspiration knocks the door at odd hours. What is an entrepreneur to do in such an ever-changing climate? As Peter Thiel said in his iconic book, Zero to One — the next Mark Zuckerberg will not be building a social network. The next Larry Page will not be building a search engine. …

Shival Gupta

Building @neo-bank. Full Stack Product Engineer (Product + Engineering + Artificial Intelligence)

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