Building the ‘Bank of the Future’. On Why I am joining Neo-Bank.

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Gaurav: “Let’s build a bank of the future..”
Me: “Where do I sign?”

It literally happened just like that.

But first some backstory

I joined the engineering team at Neo-Bank a few months back. I have been writing code for the past 15 years. First as a 12 year old amateur game developer to now a professional software architect who thrives on using technology to touch people’s lives. It is an understatement to say that technology and engineering is my passion in life. I love solving real world problems and using software engineering to build those solutions.

After graduating in computer science and engineering, I joined Envestnet Yodlee (NYSE: ENV) which ignited my core interests in the business domains of Fintech and AI. I had also built and launched an ‘e-learning platform’ when in college and ‘a blogging platform’ when I was still working full time. As it so happens, I also like to write about the things I do.

During that period, one of my articles caught the attention of Gaurav Sharma. I had a short phone call with him on a cold Saturday morning and we decided to meet soon.

My Whys?

I first met Gaurav in late 2017. The conversation I had with him was unlike any conversation I’ve had in the past. From Bitcoin to Banking, from Fintech to AI, from Spirituality to the concept of ‘Time’, from expanse of the Universe to the ‘Karma’. I was intrigued.

So, in mid 2019, when Gaurav first introduced me to the idea of Atlantis and Neo-Bank, I knew immediately that it aligned with my personal WHYs. To build a future that I want to live in, we have to change the present that we live-in. The future of banking is meaningful as it impacts how my generation and the generation after that will experience freedom in their financial life.

I was already working in the fin-tech domain at the time, but for the first time in my life, I could see an opportunity to shape what the future would look like by building Neo-Bank.

All the pieces of jigsaw started to come together.

Why Now?: The Future belongs to Millennials and Gen-Z

Victor Hugo once said, “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come”.

As the most powerful consumer cohort, the millennials, have already begun to forge modern banking in their image.

This shift will fasten the adoption of autonomous-finance as fintechs and banks look to automate key financial flows for a consumer’s life-cycle while training their systems to understand the customer better and provide ever-better services. The financial value of millennials to the banking system is expected to increase by almost 80% in the next five years. And this is just the beginning. We are, in the very literal sense of the word, the consumers of the future.

The consumers of the future deserve a bank of the future. To realize that future, one has to think ahead not just in months, but in years and decades. It requires strategic planning and engineering prowess. It is not just prophesying the future from the comfort of the proverbial armchair. It is actually building it.

Join Us: A call to cross-domain wizards!

It is said that while specialists help to solve problems but it is the generalists who build solutions.

Building the product suite required to imagine the “Bank of the Future” is not an easy task. It is a long road paved with challenges and questions that require creativity and highest acumen.

The expanse and craftsmanship of Fintech. The agility and finesse of Consumer Internet. The adventurous exploration of Artificial Intelligence … there is no one vertical that can solely define such a product.

This won’t just need people with good resumes. It’ll need warriors who would be ready to take up the metaphorical arms to protect the voice of the customer.

(We have built a sizable (10+) team already and we are looking for more of you. If these words ring true to you as much they did to me, send us your profile at

The most foundational mission of our time

Join our pre-launch waiting list at

Our ambition is to rethink banking from the ground up, with no baggage from the past, for our customers. We are building the bank that we want to use. We are designing a bank around Humans.

When I was first introduced to the idea of joining Neo-Bank, for the first time in my life, I thought I heard a calling. A calling to create a financial institution that empowers people, creates opportunity to seek financial freedom.

The business, company and the products that we are building, are all ingrained with the philosophy of helping those who want to help themselves. Using systems of intelligence to solve the problem of financial well-being for the customers of the future, one has to apply first principles and go straight to the problem. We prioritize the “why” over “why not”. The “now” over “when”.

It fills me with purpose, energy and mindfulness when I come to work everyday, working on what I see as one of the most foundational missions of the 21st century.

Who else gets to brag about this as their job description?

I do.

Hence Neo-Bank.




Building @neo-bank. Full Stack Product Engineer (Product + Engineering + Artificial Intelligence)

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Shival Gupta

Shival Gupta

Building @neo-bank. Full Stack Product Engineer (Product + Engineering + Artificial Intelligence)

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