Writing daily can completely change your life!

Our mind is geared up for habits. We develop many of them over a wide course of life, some are exceptionally good and some, we repent them for our entire life span. Science argues that habitual patterns are formed because they are etched into our neural pathways through repitions, and it gets stronger as often we do it.

I too have had a fair share of good and bad habits but the most influential changes in my life has been writing daily. For the most part of my life, I was a confused thinker who had many questions but could never find the answer. Then came the phase when I started writing but not on a regular basis. To be honest, It wasn’t that easy penning everything that’s in your mind but gradually, as I began to write on a daily basis, I could see loads of change in my personality and perception. And this is what I would urge all of you to at least try. In fact, it has been backed up in a research by Laura King that writing about achieving future goals and dreams can make people happier and healthier.

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Here’s what I have found from writing daily:

It relieves your mind:

It is often said that addressing about our problems can solve the most part of it, all you need is a mate. And who could be a better mate than yourself. Talk to yourself about your problems and writing could give you the best platform for it. You can address your anger or anxiety without any fear of judgment. Writing daily can serve as a form of stress relief where you finally get to say out loud anything that has been troubling you. Believe me, it works like wonder. The more you get into a habit of it, the better friend it becomes. Since all your negative emotions gets addressed here, it keeps you sane like you never have been.

You get that “quality time with yourself”:

It’s hard, really hard these days to get some time for yourself. Amidst the heavy work load we carry around, the minimum amount of time we get for ourselves is spent checking the number of likes we get on Facebook or Instagram. We receive and create barrages of useless distractions which doesn’t bring around any positive change in you; but writing does it all.

Once you develop a habit of writing daily, you get into your head. You look even into the most dustiest part of your brain and think about the most random of things while on it. You find corners that you never knew existed. This is the quality time I have been talking about and its positive implications are many.

You get to know what you really are:

Continuing the previous point, once you get into the lousiest corners of your brain, you find things that you never knew were there. You get to know about what you really are and what you could become. And isn’t this the thing we all are struggling with today? Rarely few of us know what we actually stand for and what do you need in our lives. We tend to follows trends, and do as we are told. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to be the person who knew every bit about themselves and how to make the best out of who they are?

Writing daily can do the task for you. Once you develop the habit, you get the soul wrenching experience of discovering yourself and working for things that you have always been interested in.

It helps you develop analytical skills!

Writing regularly develops your analytical and rational skills. Working through your problems with a piece of paper encourages you to think things through clearly, in both sequential and creative ways. And how is it useful in life?

For starters, it would help you do your job better and who wouldn’t love a fat increment. Secondly, it helps you think even in the most worst of times. I have seen countless number of people panic and react emotionally in tough situations thus putting themselves in even worst situations. Once you develop a habit of writing, you are used to solving any problem by processing each component closely. You would eventually not panic and develop a better skill set at handling tough situations.

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