Let’s discuss on OWASP’s new top 10 for 2021. We will cover every vulnerability in the list and I will share some practice labs too!


Recently OWASP had published a new Top 10 list for common webapp vulnerabilities:

Source: https://owasp.org/Top10/

This list is quite different from the 2017 list, with a few new additions and some categories got merged into a bigger category to reflect the root cause instead of symptoms. Take Sensitive Data Exposure for instance…

Let’s briefly discuss about ChaosDB, which has been a recent highlight in the cloud world.


Gone are the days when we used to own servers or even rent them for our needs and then do scaling and other stuff manually. Now it’s all about cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure (and maybe even Oracle). It provides all the features that you might want, in a single place…

Shivam Bathla

Security Researcher @ Pentester Academy, https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivambathla

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