Interesting stuff read/listened for week of 22nd Aug 2016

My first of a weekly series of notes on what I learnt the previous week.

This podcast from WNYC was amazing, about trees communicating with each other, sharing resources and information. The most surprising of all, consuming animal food!! Here I thought they were at the bottom of the food chain.

Charlie Munger’s thoughts on constructing a life that really works:

A dense but nice article on how cancer cells barrel through your body:

An excellent conversation between Michael Munger and Russ Roberts on Slavery and Racism (In America). A deep conversation on culture that can lead to horrible results, why market may not fix itself in cases like this and how even otherwise decent people can delude themselves en-mass into believing and being part of something as terrible as slavery —

There were 2 interesting episodes on a16z around pricing, both of them useful for any startup:

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